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The Gonzo Effect
Citation:   KillerKangaroo. "The Gonzo Effect: An Experience with 2C-E (exp87668)". Dec 7, 2010.

20 mg oral 2C-E  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  200 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion (daily)
  900 mg oral Pharms - Lithium (daily)
Let's just start off with the basic info. I am 16 years old, male, and 155 lbs. I am tripping in my home with my brother and some friends. The day had been a calm, relaxing one, so I was in a good mindset for the journey. Before this I was experienced with a plethora of hallucinogens, including LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, salvia divinorum, dextromethorphan, diphenhydramine, and datura innoxia, along with a whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, speeders, and laughers. I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am perscribed to 200mg Wellbutrin and 900mg Lithium daily. This experience I had with 2c-e was not your average trip, the dopaminergenic effects of the drug created a reaction with my perscription anti-depressant (Wellbutrin) which also effects the dopamine system. This led to a drastic intensification of the effects. Because of this I had a trip similar to an average person taking over five times my dose. When I took the 2c-e, I was unaware of this interaction, and proceeded to take a very large amount.

6:45 pm-My brother (B) and myself wait for our friends M, A, and T to arrive. When they do we take the 2c-e. B and myself each take 20mg and T takes 15mg. M and A remain sober and babysit us. After we dose, a large amount of pot is smoked. I'm not sure how many bowls, but I'm guessing around five or six.

7:20- pm-While smoking, my first wave of the 2c-e effects took hold. It was very minor, a giggly euphoria, not much more. After ten minutes or so it subsided.
8:00 pm-until this point that small wave of euphoria was all the effects I had from the 2c-e. But around this time, just after we finished smoking, the real trip started to kick in. The come-up was fast and furious. My vision became encompassed with rainbow beams of light dancing on the walls, creating complex patterns that would self-evolve. Colors became incredibly bright and beautiful. I really began to understand why they call 2c's empathogens, I was absolutley in love with everything and everyone around me, I was happier than one could possibly imagine. All of my surroundings let out some kind of unique vibratory message that I could tune in to, and I could feel its emotions. I was feeling the emotions of every single person on Earth at once. I sat back in awe and let the trip take me over.

8:30 pm-we all go down to the basement and watch a movie. Sounds have become incredibly distorted, there's a very speedy echoing effect, as if sounds were altered by a whammy bar on a guitar. Closed eye visuals are becoming quite intense, characterized by fractalizing patterns and 3d kaliedescopic shapes. I've noticed that 2c-e's effects are quite similar to LSD, mostly in the visual realm. 2c-e seems to lack the extreme mindfuck that acid is famous for, instead it is replaced by a euphoric, lucid dreamy state. My attention span appears to be getting worse, it takes multiple attempts at calling my name to grab my focus. Often I will hear someone talking quietly, but when I ask 'Did anyone say something?' it turns out no one did. At the time I didn't realize it, but I was coming up so fast my judgement was begining to get impaired, and I started to behave quite intrigingly. I pick up a cavalry piece from the 'Risk' board game and hid it on the top of a shelf. All I can remember about thinking that up is I believed it would 'remind me for later'. This theme will continue to intensify itself as the drug takes hold.

9:15 pm-B and A take a quick run to the gas station to buy cigarettes, while M, T, and myself go out to my backyard. They swim in my pool but I don't want to, so I sit in a chair beside it. As they swim I begin to feel increasingly dissociated in accompany to the psychedelia. It feels like my conciousness is floating just above my body, trying to break free. This is quite similar to DXM. A dream-like state becomes apparent, also somewhat similar to DXM but much different, too. This one feels much more lucid and has less of an intoxicated feel to it. I also begin to experience a mild stomach cramp that will not go away for hours. My thoughts race faster and faster, continuously branching out from one another, constantly creating new concepts and ideas. As the thoughts increase in velocity, they start to become overwhelming, and I feel like my brain is an overheating computer desperatley spinning its fan to cool itself off. When this happens I discover that it has become almost impossible to maintain a normal conversation, my mouth can't keep up with the thoughts that are going to it. This entire time I remain calm and in what I considered quite a good trip, not expecting the total chaos that lay forth.

9:30 pm-A and B return from their cigarette stop, it has only been fifteen minutes since they left but to me it felt like hours. We all went back inside and smoked two more bowls. By now the 2c-e had just started to blast towards the peak. Colors inside had become unimaginably bright, patterns on the Persian-style rugs began to multiply and fractalize themselves. Beautiful beams of rainbow light danced on the walls, furniture, and other objects. I looked at T, and her hair began to change color. It changed color more and more rapidly until the color turned back into the beams of light and scattered across the room. Something that keeps weirding me out was that during this stage I kept hearing this ominous music that sounded like a mix between psytrance and tribal drums. I asked my friends if they heard anything and they said no. As we kept smoking and talking, I slowly became detached from the conversation. My mind was focused on the concept of organic matter turning into rock and cycling back into organic matter. Somehow I felt this was the key to understanding life on Earth. I tried to explain to my friends these profound revalations I was having, but they looked back at me with blank expressions. I assumed they just didn't understand.

10:00 pm-M, A, and T go home, so it's just B and myself. I am slowly dissolving out of my ego, my creativity is through the roof. I continue a drawing I started earlier and B turns on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonota. Each note reverberated through my ear cavities like an opera house, I could feel every sound tickling my eardrums. With every beat of a drum and stroke of a violin and every instrument in the grand orchestra I was overwhelmed by an explosion of kaliedescopic hyperdimensional visuals, in complete synchronization with the music. The most intense wave of euphoria I've ever had ran through my ears, and I truly thought two tiny little people were making love in my ear. I am hit with an intense dissociation, overpowering even my strongest DXM trips. A greenish-yellow haze fell over the house, and I began to not feel my body moving beneath me. The oh-so familiar feeling of not being sure whether or not one's awake settled in, a sensation that I have only experienced with dissociatives and deleriants. During this time I am able to have some conversation with B, but I soon am finding that language doesn't seem to mean anything. B would talk to me, but all I would hear was sound.

The next four hours or so of the trip are still very hazy to me. My ego was completley gone and the drug reaction had sent me into a delerious state. Even though I remember doing things I'm not sure of what time or what order they happened in, so I'll chronologize it to the best I can recall.

I arose from the couch, with a great instinct to 'move on.' It was almost like a voice, that would tell me short phrases, to help 'guide me' or something like that, I was very confused at the time. As I started walking towards the dining room the highlighter streaks in my vision slowly evolved into incredibly vivid fractal and kaliedescopic visuals, popping into my vision at incredible speed. The images began to take over my entire vision, and soon I was completley oblivious of the outside world. I had fallen into an endless vortex of light and energy, pure visual data overwhelming my cranium. I was interupted from this madness by stumbling to the floor. I had walked directly into a chair without even a hint of slowing down. I got up, and continued wandering the house, because the voice told me to move on.

For some reason A is back, but this does not seem to interest me at the time. What I was busy doing was tearing up little bits of paper, and scattering them throughout the house. I dissected my half-finished picture and some mail that I can only assume was taxes or something important. Whenever I would tear the paper I could notice every single little fiber splitting apart from each other, and it's soul would rise out of it, in the form of a tiny rainbow cloud, and fade away. Magazines were stripped of their pages and scribbled on with sharpie markers. This became kind of a loop. I spent the longest time tearing out a piece of paper, scribbling on it, and throwing it aside, then looking for another. But I had to use a different color each time. I don't know why, I just had to I felt. After this I went out across the house looking for something, I still don't quite remember what, it was some kind of profound answer. A tried to reason with me. I was not sure what he was saying, though, because all I heard was noise. I sat on the couch, which seemed to calm them down for some reason.

Almost immediatley after I relaxed, the dissociation intensifies exponentially. Static electricity runs through my body, converting it into pure energy. I begin to forget about the people around me, all I can hear of them is the word 'seize'. My muscles began to twitch. It started off small, but intensified quickly. Soon my arms, shoulders, and legs were all jerking, and my eyes start moving around violently, slowly rolling into the back of my head. My mind had been thrown into a state of astral projection, a phenomenoa I've only experienced on heavy doses of DXM. The brain has been completley cut off from outside messages, and a new reality is formed within one's own conciousness. I feel my mind splitting away, building itself a new dimensional plane. Beautiful fireworks-style imagery was thrusted though my perceprtion, giving off a kind of celebrational emotion to my new reality. I was floating through a tunnel of light, but when I would go further, the view behind me wouldn't leave. I was seeing all possible points of view in my freshly developed universe. But what's this? The energy feels corrupted, something is being disturbed. Instantly I was back on the couch, being shaken by B and A. One of them asks me a question, I could only tell by the tone. But my only words are 'I GOT THE BEST IDEA!!!'

I find myself standing in the middle of the living room, still trying to remember that great idea. I closed my eyes, and in less than a moment I was on a beach. The water was crystal clear. The lack of a tide turned the sea into an infinite mirror, a vast ocean decorated with the lights and colors of a full mooned night. Auras of red and green pierced through the blackend sky, forming some kind of astral hieroglyphics in the air. In the distance I saw a bonfire, alone at the shoreline, plumes of flames stirring in the cool twilight breeze. My feet started moving, and I ran towards the great fire in the distance. I had finally found that great answer, almost in my grasp. By now I have completley forgotten about home and B and even that I was tripping. Everything just made so much sense. I had become in touch with the vibrations this beach gave me. The feeling spread from the beach to the sea to all of the universe, I understood it all. Everything and everyone in the universe worked on the same waves, the whole concept of reality was perfect. Suddenly I feel an ominous shake, like something was moving me but wasn't there. In the opening of an eye I was back in my living room. A was shaking me by the shoulders trying to say something. I couldn't understand, so I continued on.

I began to frantically draw on everything around me. Tables, furniture, B, myself, multicolored ink showered the house. I had become incredibly facinated by the idea of creating color with the stroke of a hand. All I wanted to do was make more color. But B kept taking the markers away from me, the greedy bastard! He wants all of them for himself! He's plotting against me, I must make my color elsewhere! I rushed to stuff all the sharpies in a cigar box, and grabbed a pile of old magazines. I took these supplies and bolted for the front door. B was incredibly upset by this, and tried to wrestle me down so he could keep me inside. I was hanging on to the doorknob for dear life, I must have my freedom. . . I must. . . I must. . . a great snapping noise reverberates throughout the house. I could see the sound waves rising out of the doorknob, great green, red, and blue light shows, highly detailed three-dimensional fractal images. There were so many visuals I could barely see anything around me, so I finally let go of the door handle, tumbling to the floor with B on top of me. I had been walking around the house for a while, I finally decide it's time to lay down. This seemed to be a good idea.

Now sprawled out on the living room floor, completley relaxed, something happens to me which I can't really explain well. My preceptual spectrum became violently expanded, soon taking up the entire universe, all in my preception. I was outside of reality looking in, examining all existance. Everything had become translated into raw data, endless rivers of hyperdimensional information, constantly shifting, cycling, and expanding. I began to move in a three dimensional path, perceiving the entire universe from all points in time, beginning to end, in every possible place, from any possible angle. All of this, being blasted into my head on some kind of information superhighway. I kept seeing further and further into the past, quantities of time so vast no number could record it. As travelled deeper, reality became smaller and smaller, the begining of everything was coming near. I was finally getting it, the answer I was looking for, the key to such profound understanding. The universe had become an atom-wide line, stretched as far the laws of physics allows.

Then, in one endless moment, the line snapped. I was now completley nonexistent, gone without a trace, but still concious, observing my surroundings, even though there are none. It occured to me this must be similar to the sensation of death, and was very pleased I had been able to achieve this level of conciousness during my trip. But it seemed as quickly as this phase came onto me, it faded away, and soon I was back on the floor, with some internal voice asking me: 'What are you going to do now?'

5:00 am- I had become extremely dehydrated. The entire trip I had been pouring sweat like never before, I felt like I was overheating. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of icewater, but whenever I would reach for the glass, I'd end up getting out a plate or some forks, or anything not a cup. All I could think to myself was that I was 'fucking up' and needed B's assistance. He came in the kitchen and I tried to explain to him that I was thirsty, but he stared at me with a blank expression. Suddenly, I forgot who I was, and definitley not why I was in the kitchen. Confused and disoriented, I returned to the living room. But once I got there my parched throat reminded me of my thirst, and I desperatley needed some water. I looked around for any, but it seemed that we were all out of it. But then, I saw a plastic cup on the table, with a small amount of liquid left in it. Frantically, I grabbed the cup and downed the drink as fast as I could. Upon the moment of ingestion my mouth became horribly dry and the worst taste I've ever experienced rushed through all of my senses. I then pulled out of my mouth, three cigarette butts, that were floating in the water all night. Without missing a beat, I sprinted to the kitchen sink for about ten minutes of projectile vomiting and another twenty dry-heaving. With this gut-wrenching moment my trance shattered. The horrible realizaton that I had actually drinken cigarette water left me to completley doubt my logic. After the dry-heaving subsided, I turned to B, and in perfect English, asked him: 'What the fuck have I been doing?'

Afterwards- When I came to, the scene inside the house was so violent, go grossly adavistic, what had happened? The front door had been halfway broken down, shards of red glass all over the floor from a large vase which suffered a devastating blow with a cigar box. Markers and little bits of paper were all over the floor, and almost everything had been drawn on. Now all we could do was clean up, and fill me in on why it all looked like this. I continued to mildly trip until 10:00 am, and felt incredibly worn out the next day, but not depressed or anxious. For the few weeks after the trip, I could recall almost nothing of the last seven hours until the vomitting. But slowly, throughout the next few months, I regained my memory of this night of savagery and madness. Penethylamines and dopaminergic antidepressants do not mix well at all, so I advise all users of Wellbutrin and similar medications to stay away from 2c-e, along with mescaline, MDMA, and other penethylamines. I will no longer use research chemicals or any phenethylamine psychedelics, at least while I'm still taking Wellbutrin. Other reports of this kind of drug reaction show much more violent, psychotic behavior, so I was lucky to be able to control myself at least to that extent.

I could not thank B and A enough for being there to watch me while in that state, especially since B was also tripping 20mg 2c-e as well. My erratic behavior of the night coined a nickname from B and myself, the Gonzo effect, referring to Dr. Gonzo's behavior the 'bathtub scene' while on LSD, in the movie/book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As a personal opinion for all those considering taking 2c-e, remember this is a very powerful drug, make sure to be in a safe, comfortable environment, and ALWAYS HAVE A SITTER!! With this drug I cannot express that enough, I can't imagine what would've happened to me if I wandered into public in that state. Remember, know your body, know your mind, know your substance, know your source. Be safe out there.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87668
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Dec 7, 2010Views: 28,329
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Pharms - Bupropion (87), Pharms - Lithium (91), 2C-E (137) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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