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Like a Blue Plasma
Citation:   TheSEIGE. "Like a Blue Plasma: An Experience with 2C-E (exp59417)". Jan 31, 2007.

25 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Before telling of this particular trip i will note that i have had previously tried 2c-e on several occasions at around the 12-15mg area. These trips proved to be extremely mild with almost no visuals at all. However, these previous trips had been fun. I was curious to know what unknown wonders were awaiting my arrival in the higher dosage realms. So on a particular day when i knew that i would have nothing to do for the next day and a half i decided to prepare myself a dose of 2c-e (i mixed 12mg in a container of pepsi) before i went to work (to be taken as soon as i got off of work).i had figured by the time i got home it would just be kicking in due to its long come up. The dose i had prepared myself was the standard 12mg that i was used to. which i expected to be mild. It was. so when i got home from work about an hour after the initial dose i decided to start adding a little at a time to my total dosage, so over the next 2 hours or so i added just a little at a time(about 4mg increments)taking my total up to 25mg.

The trip went something like this.

The initial dose around noon. At the one hour mark i was experiencing what i was used to. mild body load with no real clear objective, just kind of messy headed with mild open eye visuals.the experience pretty much remained like this until my additional doses started to come on.

At the three hour mark the added doses are starting to come on and the experiences is getting insanely strong. The intesity is coming in massive waves. its as if i can feel each sip of the solution i drank hitting me and thrashing my body. The visuals were getting very intense now.I decided to take a walk to the corner store to get a drink. the outside world looked extremely morbid. far more twisted and with a darker intent than it would normally appear to me on lsd or cubensis.plants are almost so twisted looking i feel im going to be sick from the sight of them. I for some reason was completely fine and functioning normally when i made it to the store and purchased my drink. i then headed back to my house.

At the 4 hour mark things start to go wrong! i was getting amazing visuals now and i had decided to take a bath in the pitch dark to see if i could achieve a spritual or meditative state of some sort.This did not happen. however, the visuals at this point are mindboggling unlike any others ive ever seen on other substances. I am seeing flashes and flutters of light while sitting in pitch darkness with my eyes open. and the dimension just in front of my eyes is like a blue plasma.

At the 4 and a half hour mark. my body starts to freak out. The body load started getting insanely intense and hitting me harder and harder in similar waves as the ones i described earlier. At this point my heart began to race very fast. This is when i got the fear and everything went downhill. i kept telling myself 'do not panic it will only make it worse' of course i could not stop. this heart racing was not something i had ever experienced on any other psychedelic substance. As i began to become more frightened my heart began racing faster. I truly believed this was my last day. i thought to myself that the doctors can probably help me. I decided it would not be wise to drive so i waited to make sure it was serious before i took myself to the ER. i sat and drank tea and milk to try and calm down.

At the 6 hour mark the racing has not subsided. i am getting almost no visuals now. only my body is feeling the effects of this drug. this is when i decided to drive myself to the emergency room (not a good idea to drive!!!but i had no choice). [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] the drive to the ER took about 45 mins and by the time i got there the racing of my heart had subsided. The fact that i was on a relitively unknown substance and the fact that anyone who saw me would probably know i was on drugs made me decide not to go in to the ER. the racing had subsided and i was feeling the substance wearing off. i was getting closer to baseline and i was very very thankful.

I am not sure what kind of reaction it was that my body had to the 2ce but i definately did not experience anything like this at the 12-15mg range. I clearly couldnt handle it and i know that i almost paid dearly. I think that if i had ingested more of this substance that i probably would have died that day contrary to the other reports ive read about people taking over 100mgs of 2c-e.

So my advice is to keep it low. from my own, and my fellow trippers experiences around 15mg is the perfect dose. the visuals do not get much better at 20+ but the body load gets a lot more intense.

good luck and happy trips.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 59417
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 31, 2007Views: 11,545
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2C-E (137) : Alone (16), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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