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Reports from Apr 11 2006 - Apr 11 2006
(10 Total)

Recommended I Cannot Believe This Is Happening.... Mighty Bop Mushrooms 2006 Apr 11
Recommended Staring at the Divine Darkheartatom Salvia divinorum (25x extract) 2006 Apr 11
Recommended Contemplating Pupation Exist DMT 2006 Apr 11
Discovered at 19 Joseph Cannabis 2006 Apr 11
Interesting with Drawbacks daisy Monkshood, Belladonna, Cannabis, Poppies - Opium, Mandrake & Datura ('Flying Ointment') 2006 Apr 11
Relaxing, Much Like Pot lucky_trio Leonotis nepetaefolia 2006 Apr 11
Like Flight or Fight IMP Mandrake 2006 Apr 11
Heavy Skins and Voices Pepperlandman Belladonna (leaves) 2006 Apr 11
Mild, Powerhits... El Scorcho Sceletium tortuosum 2006 Apr 11
A Beautiful Feeling Arby Damiana & Tobacco 2006 Apr 11

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