Contemplating Pupation
Citation:   Exist. "Contemplating Pupation: An Experience with DMT (exp50526)". Apr 11, 2006.

  repeated smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


It was a Saturday night. Myself, C, and N, came back from a slight walk about the town, and thought it would be a good idea to adventure into hyperspace. We dropped by my place of residence and I picked up my stash of white crystals. The setting was calm, an apartment on the 6th floor. Only one other person there besides the three of us, and they did not provide any negative vibes at all; they merely got a good laugh at our hijinx. Altogether, I smoked a bowl 4 times, with an average of 50mg in the bowl. Although we had no scale, I was merely dividing up generous quantities for
each dose; I truly have no idea how much each dose would have measured out too, but 50mg on average is a very good estimate. Nonetheless, I was blasting myself through the roof each time. C smoked it 3 times, while N smoked it either 4 or 5 times, I cannot truly recall.

All of our experiences took place within the time span of about 2 hours maximum. The three of us each have our fair share of psychedelic experiences under our belt, and each of us is very able to control ourselves under a majority of circumstances. I hesitate to say 'all' circumstances, because we all know what we're dealing with when we talk about psychedelics.They have every possibilty of catching us off guard and kicking us square in the nuts.


I will center on my own experiences; theirs are obviously better left to their own mind to describe, although I will include all of the happenings of the night however general, so that you may get a good idea of the organization of these 2

I was the first to voyage into the realm of the self transforming machine elves. I probably loaded about 35-40mg sandwiched between 2 layers of parsley, all on a legitimate pipe screen. This was then loaded into my 'little glass pipe,'
and the fun began. (we loaded all of our doses sandwiched between parsley. I would recommend it, so as to limit the amount of direct flame you are exposing the DMT too.)

I took 3 hits. N was messing around and refering to Terence McKenna while I was
taking my hits. (Space-time continuum with Terence McKenna 'Alien Dreamtime' was playing on the computer. Hearing Terence's voice really provided a good vibe for what was to come, but this would only be a warm up. N was yelling 'DO IT!' 'DO IT NOW!' If any of you out there have heard that CD, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and I'm sure you joke about it with your friends just like I do.) I laid back on the bed of cushions I had constructed for myself, and started to sink back into tryptamine infinity. I remember a grid of dark blue lines overlaying the cosmic stage that the dancing cartoon mushrooms were taking full advantage of. All I could see was the blue lines, and the mushrooms. I simply felt like they were on stage, but it would have been impossible to distinguish between a stage and the black background of starless space. I got too excited, and after about 30 seconds I popped out of my trance and spoke very excitedly to N and C, although I was still extemely high, it was very entertaining trying to speak to them. N's apartment is full of psychedelic items, posters galore,
it was very fun to watch while coming down.

the afterglow, it's very pleasant. This slight experience had drained me of all fear, and I was ready to try a higher dose at least one more time. At this point, I believe N went twice, then C, then it was my turn again.

This time, no music of any kind was on, I turned it off specifically so that I could go into the farthest reaches of hyperspace. (silence is very important to the DMT experience, I tend to get stuck halfway in this reality when I can hear
any other sounds) I loaded what was probably 60mg. I took 2 hits, and then the third hit made what was left over in the pipe burst into flames and send a rush of smoke into my lungs. Flaming pipes are always good omens, I knew I was in for a show.

The two of them rushed to my aid to put out the fire while I laid back and sunk deeper and deeper and deeper. The apartment was slowly getting brighter and brighter, the colors were almost physically hurting me. Getting shot out of a cannon works,
but it is not the best analogy for bursting through to the inner reaches of the DMT realms. I felt more like I was disintegrated and put back together in this other world. I closed my eyes after a few seconds and a room slowly materialized in front of me. This room seemed to be made of White, orange, and transparent threads of light weaved together. Along with the materialization of the room, was the materilaization of 3 entities. These 3 entities seemed to be made of the same material as the walls. I believe this room to be the 'dome' that Terence and so many others speak of. The 3 entities were standing side by side in front of me. I can't recall much about the one to the left, and the one to the right, but the one in the middle was very distinct, it seemed to be extremely friendly. It was simply smiling at me, I felt a sort of love, or maybe just an extreme happiness emanating throughout it's being. They all seemed to be wearing black khaki pants, and white button up shirts.

All of the entities I saw throughout this single experience very strongly gave off the feeling of having no gender. They were far beyond that. The middle one, had a very intense head, it reminded me of the Gushers fruit snack commercials where the human beings heads pop into fruits, except this was not fruit, it was threads of orange, transparent, and white light weaved together to form it's head and entire body. After this encounter, a flash of scenes seemed to pass by me, each encompassing entity of a different kind. Although All of the ones after the dome encounter seemed to be related in some undescribable way. I got the feeling that they were a family. A Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother entity, although I remember 0 about the brother entity, I am quite sure he had his own scene that is merely going unremembered by the likes of

One thing I must express is the feeling of realness accompanied by these entities. These strongly felt independant from myself. it woudl have been very easy for them to stride up to me and pat me on my back, it wouldn't have surprised me one bit. (I get a certain feeling when I think of the Orange, white, Transparent entity; a distinct feeling that I have tried to keep hold of. Their part in a reality of their own is undebateable. I was merely visiting for a few minutes.) The first scene that comes to mind is the sister. In her scenario she ran across. Her face seemed to be blue, I just get a blue feeling, But all of these entities seemed to be created out the same weaving of threads. The only variety was the color. Although I think back I see their faces as being distinctly blurry, I won't let my self say that's how it was, it was simply too complex to grasp and keep in my brain for future reference. The sister seemed to be wearing a yellow T-shirt. I came to be in a house. Where I came across the Parent entities, a mother and a father. Even now It sends shivers down my spine.

I can recall a large garden, with a house on the outskirts of this garden, although I may be just making up the garden. I found myself in the house of this garden, a simple kind. One room, nothing but the two parents, and a table which they both sat at facing towards myself. It seemed as if the this reality was superimposed on my eyelids. For example, let's say I was laying down with my eyes open. I would still be where I was, but everyhting in my field of view would change durastically. My eyes were closed the entire time, but I could see my self laying down in front of these parents in the same position I was when I fell into hyperspace. It seemed like a very simple feeling at the time, but I now realize how difficult it is to describe. They themselves and the table they were sitting at seemed to fold out of the ground like a piece of cardboard that you may find in childrens book with fold-out structures. After they came out of hiding, they slid very delicately and slyly into their chairs as if for the sole purpose of confronting me. They were simply staring at me. I cannot begin to describe the intimidation they made me feel.

When they first appeared, they seemed to be friendly, but as soon as maybe they realized I wasn't taking them seriously they seemed to somehow make themselves more imposing. I was terrified. I had the basic instinct of flight; I wanted to just turn around and run. I can't recall which one was seated on the left, and which on the right. They were extremely menacing. I don't believe that they had the best intentions. At this point my memory fades. I believe I just opened my eyes and began to exclaim wildy to C and N, 'WOW' 'WOW' 'OH MAN' 'WHAAAAAT!?' 'I didn't think it was going to be like THAT!'

After this I believe N went again, then C, then again I decided to go. I had decided to sit in a chair not too far away from my original position simply to change up the environment. I probably loaded 30-40mg. Once I took 3 hits, I jumped onto the floor and layed down and closed my eyes, because the chair was putting of negative vibes that I just couldn't handle. This is where C had previously laid down to adventure, and where he was sitting up speaking to N about his experience that had taken place a few minutes before this current one. I simply pushed him away from the spot and laid down.:) This was the beginning of the negative feelings I started to have. I was able to control myself fine, no problem, but the negativity really began to drain me of energy. I sighed. I had a feeling of looking at my life.(Low doses seem to bring about a feeling in myself comparable to an 1/8th of Cubensis, for about 5 minutes. High doses bring about the entity encounters I have spoken of.) I got a feeling that I get every once in a while. Guilt that's source is unknown. I thought about my parents also. The main Vision of this trip was Hyperspace in it's entirety.

It was very bright, and I was represented as a block figure made out of the same materials as the floor and ceiling. I had the feeling of slowly being turned around and contorted delicately, while moving at a highspeed throughout this realm. That is all I can recall.

The 4th and final time came after N having one more experience if I remember right. Along with being the person to begin the extravaganza, I was the one to finish it. N had loaded a dose, and there was probably about 20-25mg that was left on the plate we had been using to divide up the substance. I had put most everthing away and this just gave me an excuse to kill what was left. During and afterwards I felt terrible, emotioanlly and Physically. I felt like a tryptamine french fry. I was drained of all energy. And nothing positive was gained, although I don't regret it at all. I simply opened my eyes after a few seconds and stared at a drawing of N's contemplating some things, the entire room was melting and crawling. I've become used to this.


One positive thing I accomplished was drain mysel fof most of my fear and apprehension to try new botanicals. I plan to expand my horizons, after I give my body a slight break. Reality is a very fragile thing. The more hallucinogens I do, the thinner the barreir gets between these two worlds. I am glad I got to get a glimpse of this fragility.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50526
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2006Views: 31,193
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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