Like Flight or Fight
by IMP
Citation:   IMP. "Like Flight or Fight: An Experience with Mandrake (exp51689)". Apr 11, 2006.

7 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  6 Tbsp oral Mandrake (tea)
Probably not the best time to attack the root, during the early hours slightly drunk with a friend who had a lifetimes worth of hand pressed pollen in Morocco 2 years ago and saw God, man! Whereas I have had a chequered history of alcohol, drug and substance abuse over the years that could fill a page or 2. Anyway, I digress; we smoked a couple of joints of the Durban Poison leaf that I'd grown the year before and wanted to go one step further from laughing loudly and being critical about the music, or overhyping a piece that was shit the next day.

I'd had this bag of Mandrake Root in the cupboard for a year or more. A friend made some ale from it which gave you a slight air of expectation that something extraordinary was about to happen, but never did, so it was with some complacency that I spooned out 6 soupspoons of the broken root bits and gave them a good mortar and pestling, chucked them into a teapot and filled up - about a pint - with boiling water. 15 minutes later, I strained the fungal smelling brew into 2 mugs for despatch.

The taste of Mandrake Root(MR) is not pleasant. It's very bitter and dry on the palate, so a liberal teaspoon of honey does the trick; just!!

Probably due to the fact that our kidneys and liver were working overtime to process the 7 or more pints of alcohol we'd had earlier, the early signs of MR kicked in within half an hour; that psilocybin-like feeling of imminent nausea and/or bowel movement, sweaty forehead and hands, swallowing, and the loveliest little flutter behind our eyes that our senses were about to become aroused to orgasmic proportions by the beverage we'd recently consumed, followed by mutual smiling that carried on to laughter and cheek muscle cramp bordering on embarassment.

Nothing much changed visually, I just got the feeling that I would be going all Walt Disney at any second. Otherwise, who knows; maybe that feeling in the pit of my stomach could be misconstrued as panic. It did feel like the 'flight or fight' fancy that I get from adrenalin.

That's pretty much it. Longing for an elevated trip-like thrash with sound and light show, but..........; I guess the only answer is to increase the dose, which I am reluctant to do...yet. Well, it is a poison to the system. The strongly emetic nature of the beast is a reminder of that the next day, when my arse was on fire every time I needed to sit down to let it all out! If you can imagine smearing your anal sphincter with freshly chopped chilli peppers then you are some way there.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51689
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2006Views: 36,855
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Mandrake (33) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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