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Recommended Like My Closest Friend Andrew Codeine (with Aspirin) 2018 Mar 29
Recommended With No Tolerance, A Horrible Idea Andrew Fentanyl 2017 Apr 14
Recommended Ego Death Andrew 2C-E & Methylone 2009 Jul 29
Recommended Invisible Lightning Andrew Diphenhydramine 2008 Apr 19
Recommended Stupidity, Stasis and Hysteria Andrew Dimenhydrinate 2007 Feb 12
Third Person Hallucinations Andrew Zolpidem 2020 May 27
Machining Consciousness Andrew Mushrooms 2020 May 18
The Good and the Bad of the Haze andrew Clonazepam 2018 May 14
Ancient Prismatic Truth Andrew DMT 2017 Aug 29
Being Guided Through Death Andrew Mushrooms 2010 Oct 07
A Strange Herb Andrew Kava (Budda's Blend) 2009 Aug 31
A Malfunctioning Brain in a Bathtub Andrew H.B. Woodrose 2009 Jan 09
Two Days after Overdose, Heart Rate Still Fast Andrew Bupropion (Wellbutrin) 2005 Jan 03
Visiting the Bee Realm Andrew 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis 2019 May 24
Alone In The Woods Andrew 25I-NBOMe 2013 Oct 31
Best Times and Worst Times Andrew MDPV ('White Rush') 2010 Nov 10
Aural Depths Andrew DiPT 2010 Aug 09
Telepathic Transcendence Andrew DMT 2008 Sep 24
The Bus Will Be Here Any Minute Andrew Dimenhydrinate 2007 Dec 27
A Strange Memorial Andrew Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis 2007 Jul 01
Like a Wave Rising and Falling Andrew Bromo-Dragonfly 2006 Mar 09
It Sucks Andrew GHB 2005 Feb 01
My Oddysey andrew Alprazolam (Xanax) 2022 Aug 06
One Night in Heaven Andrew Alcohol & H.B. Woodrose 2020 Sep 22
With a Friend Andrew MDMA 2019 Oct 01
I Don't Remember Andrew Alprazolam 2019 Jan 08
Ouch Andrew DXM & Diphenhydrinate 2008 Mar 23
The Great Itch Andrew Tramadol (Ultram) 2007 Jun 22
Abuse Causes Long-term Insomnia Andrew GHB 2005 Nov 09
Soul Cap Andrew Heroin 2020 Nov 05
Timespace Layering and the 'Game Show' Effect andrew Salvia divinorum (40x extract) 2020 Nov 03
Family Trip to Cedar Point Andrew 2C-I 2008 Nov 11
The Confident One Andrew Gabapentin 2007 Jun 13
Don't Understand the 'Hype' andrew Cocaine 2005 Jan 25

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