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A Strange Herb
Kava (Budda's Blend)
Citation:   Andrew. "A Strange Herb: An Experience with Kava (Budda's Blend) (exp60321)". Aug 31, 2009.

  repeated smoked Kava (plant material)
Hello, I am writing about an herb I discovered at a local headshop. I have read about another herb called 'blue lotus', and I was very interested in trying it out. To this day, as I write this, I have yet to try blue lotus, and I wanted to try a legal herb to take my mind off of marijuana and such.

I can say I am quite experienced in the pot-smoking business, and am no stranger to the 'high', so when I smoke I am very responsible and still quite intelligent whereas my friends... well they were friends, just couldn't function as people normally under it.

So I'd like to get to the point. So I went to my local headshop with my dad (I'm under 18, and my dad is very cool with my potsmoking, but still sort-of discourages it) but they did not have any blue lotus there. However, he still emerged with a bag of 'buddha's blend'. So he bought an ounce (28 grams) for only $5.95. Not bad! And it came with 33 rolling papers as well. So my dad rolls up a big beautiful joint (he was a HEAVY smoker in the 70's, and I've never seen such a marvelous joint before!) and we smoke it. Well, the hits were quite rough. The high did not hit me until 5-10 minutes after. Very strange and slow onset for smoke, but when it finally hit me colors appeared... different. Colors were not brighter or beautiful or awe-inspiring, but they were... different. Hard to explain. It was also, without any shadow of a doubt, a subtle body high. I was very giggly and couldn't seem to sit still.

As I say though, the high was very subtle. But my dad kept claiming that he was 'totally fucked up'. I found this rather strange, for I was not nearly 'tripping' as hard as he was. It wasn't like a weed-high for him, but high enough for him to be 'fucked up'. So I had my best friend, Allie, come over and we experimented with this herb. We are both experienced pot-smokers. So we loaded a large bowl in a 'water-pipe' and we ripped away. The hits were incredibly harsh. At first, according to her, she felt a subtle high as well, but like me her high came down in less than 30 minutes. We reached the conclusion that if you were a pot smoker, we had an astounding tolerance to 'buddha's blend'.

Another thing I'd like to point out was that I could only catch the BUZZ once a day, lasting 30-40 minutes, but no matter how much I smoked I couldn't seem to ever catch a buzz again until the next day. The color effects and a very distinct lack of coordination strengthened with every bowl and joint- but only to a degree. I felt pretty annoyed by this, having a 'pre-tolerance' to this stuff. The buzz tolerance is shortlived, but builds up like a motherfucker. I had gone through five bowls and three joints with Allie (about 10 grams) and just could not get a high.

Overall, I think this is some pretty strange stuff. It's relaxing, and for six bucks an ounce I can't say it's a substitution for Marijuana but if I am waiting on a prick-of-a-dealer, this herb will definetly help me occupy my time. I still look forward to trying Blue Lotus, and I hear its not super or anything, that it just 'mellows you out' (according to my brother), but mellowing is just fine by me. Afterall, I smoke weed to mellow out :)

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60321
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 31, 2009Views: 28,004
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Kava (30) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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