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New & Used Books
Available as Membership Gifts
Below is a list of the books that are currently available as membership gifts. Each book lists the membership level at which it maybe requested. Select the title of the book to learn more about it. Select the donation level to join!

Note: The available edition for used books may differ from that described in the Erowid library.

Featured Books
Psychedelic Monographs and Essays - Vol 6
Thomas Lyttle
A great collection of articles and essays, including a couple of underground classics such as "The Mushroom Entheogen" by C.B. Gold and "Apparent Communication with Discarnate Entities Related to DMT", by Peter Meyer.
Alexander Shulgin & Ann Shulgin
PiHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved) is both a novel and a reference book. The first half is a narrative story of the authors' life, relationship, and experience with psychoactive drugs. The second half is a ground breaking encyclopedic guide to 179 Phenethylamines (such as MDMA/Ecstasy, 2C-B, 2C-T-7, and DOB) focused on chemistry and synthesis, but also including first hand reports for most substances.
Signed - Liminal Dreaming
Jennifer Dumpert
At the edges of consciousness, between waking and sleeping, there’s a swirling, free associative state of mind that is the domain of liminal dreams. Author is a member of Erowid Center's Board of Directors.
Signed - Trout's Notes: San Pedro & Related Trichocereus Spe
K. Trout
The most comprehensive book on Trichocereus genus cacti in existence. A marvelous reference book that contains more than you need to know! A must have for anyone interested in mescaline-containing cacti. Signed by author K. Trout.
High Weirdness: Drugs, Esoterica, and Visionary Experience i
Erik Davis
A study of the spiritual provocations found in the world of Philip K Dick, Terence McKenna, and Robert Anton Wilson. Charts the emergence of a new psychedelic worldview out of the American counterculture of the seventies. Author is on Erowid Center's Council of Electors.
Some Simple Tryptamines
Keeper of the Trout and Friends
This book (2007 2nd Edition) is a valuable reference for researchers, scholars and anyone interested in the tryptamines, especially naturally occurring tryptamines. It is a compendium of current knowledge, and undoubtedly the best detailed reference for information about these materials.

Additional Books
Gianluca Toro & Benjamin Thomas
used : 2007, soft cover, VG- (ex lib)
Joan Parisi Wilcox
used : 2003, soft cover, VG+
Ram Dass
used : 1978, soft cover, fine
Solomon H. Snyder
used : 1996, soft cover, VG
David Nutt
used : 2012, soft cover, fine
Adam Elenbaas
used : 2010, hard cover, fine/fine
Jill Jonnes
used : 1996, hard cover, VG
W. Golden Mortimer
used : 1974, soft cover, Good
Jay Stevens
used : 1988, soft cover, VG
Rak Razam
used : 2014, soft cover, VG+
Julie Holland (Ed)
used : 2010, soft cover, VG+
Mark Kleiman
used : 1992, hard cover, VG/VG
Paul Stamets
used : 1993, soft cover, VG+
Ronald K. Siegel
used : 1989, soft cover, VG+/VG
Oss & Oeric (McKenna & McKenna)
used : 1976, soft cover, VG+
Peter Stafford
used : 1992, soft cover, VG
R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Carl Ruck, Huston Smith
used : 1998, hard cover, fine/fine
R. Gordon Wasson
used : 1980/2014, soft cover, fine
D.M. Turner
used : 1996, soft cover, VG
Otto Snow
used : 2004, soft cover, Like New