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International Donations
In order to assist in making Erowid an internationally-supported organization, memberships levels are the same for everyone regardless of where they are in the world. We know that even $30 can be expensive in many countries. However, if you are capable, please consider adding $5 or $10 to student and basic level memberships to cover higher shipping costs of gifts.

  • Credit Cards
    International memberships and donations made by credit card can be handled through our regular donation system.

  • PayPal
    International memberships and donations made through PayPal can be handled through our regular donation system.

  • Money Orders (or Cash)
    International memberships and donations made by money order (or cash) can also be handled through our normal donation system. Calculate the correct exchange rate (see below) before making your donation and make sure to select the "Donate by Check or Money Order" option which will provide instructions for sending in a donation through the mail.

    International money orders -- available through most major banks -- can be made out to "Erowid". Some people choose to send cash in the mail. We do accept such donations, but this is obviously an insecure method. We cannot be responsible for cash donations which are lost in the mail.

  • Exchange Rates
    For donations paid in foreign currencies, please follow these instructions

    1. Determine the correct exchange rate for the membership or donation value you would like to give. Visit the yahoo currency converter and enter the value in U.S. dollars that you would like to give and the foreign currency you will be using.

    2. Please add a small amount (5%) to the total to cover exchange fees and fluctuations in exchange rates.

    3. Follow the standard donation process, choosing "Donate by Check or Money Order" when asked to choose a payment method.
If you have questions about international donations, please let us know.