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Erowid Center
PO Box 1116
Grass Valley CA 95945

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
Tax ID: 20-3256212
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Estate Planning
"Estate planning" is documenting what you want to have happen to your assets after you die. When you name Erowid Center to receive a bequest or other gift through your estate plans, you have a lasting impact on the future of public, accessible drug information. Whether you have the ability to make a substantial bequest or simply a small donation, it's easy to include Erowid Center in your estate planning.

Bequest Options
You can include language in your will specifying that a gift be made to Erowid Center. We recommend that you work with an advisor, but a basic bequest is relatively simple. There are several options:

1. Gift a percentage of your estate.
The value of your estate will change over time, so bequeathing (bequesting) a percentage of your estate will adjust automatically for future circumstances. For example, "I leave 10% of my estate to Erowid Center".

2. Gift a specific dollar amount.
For example, "I leave $5,000 to Erowid Center." The value of all of your assets combined need to be sufficient to cover the gift amount.

3. Make a "second-to-die" bequest.
In this case, you leave your estate to your surviving partner. However, if your partner were to die first, your will specifies how your estate will be divided. For example, "If my partner survives me, then I leave my entire estate to my partner. If my partner does not survive me, then I bequest my estate as follows..."

4. Gift an object, collection, or asset (books, collectables, or objects of historical value).
Simply specify in your will that, for example, "I leave my collection of books related to psychoactive drugs to Erowid Center." Or "I leave my collection of Huichol yarn art to Erowid Center."

5. Bequeath (setup bequest) through your retirement plan or life insurance.
Most IRA's, 401(k)s or other qualified retirement plans allow you to designate a beneficiary, as do life insurance policies. If you die with a balance remaining, it is passed to your designated beneficiaries. You can designate that Erowid Center receive all or a percentage of the balance. Request a beneficiary designation form from your financial institution or insurer.

Along with details of what you are bequeathing, your will should include the following information.

Organization:Erowid Center
Tax ID / EIN:20-3256212
Org Type:501(c)(3)b1a6 - Tax Deductible Public Charity (publicly supported)
Address:PO Box 1116
Grass Valley CA 95945

If you add Erowid Center to your will, please let us know! If you need additional details or assistance from us, don't hesitate to ask.