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Unique Shulgin Molecule Index Card

These cards are unique items from Dr. Shulgin's analog index of cards from "Basement 4", representing chemicals related to his work. Each card contains a single molecule hand-drawn by Sasha Shulgin, usually along with one or two references at the bottom. We can't provide information about the nature of the chemical represented on any given card. Each is unique.

Dr. Shulgin described this set of cards as a "poor man's computer". He also said it was laborious to use! The cards are punched with holes around the edges. On the top side, one or more notches were made by Sasha to encode elements of the chemical's structure on the card, to help him look up references for each molecule based on its structure. The system was called "Unisort Analysis Cards" and was a type of Edge-Notched Card indexing system. The cards are notched along the top edge and stored in a specialized box that allowed thin metal rods to push through the holes, separating a category of cards from the rest. This created a very mid 20th Century filing system.

The cards typically include information about one or more physical characteristic that were helpful to have close at hand during its synthesis such as a melting point and/or distillation data. In some cases other physical or pharmacological properties are mentioned. Each card makes reference to a unique Shulgin number corresponding to a pertinent document. In most cases these were published papers from journals but also commonly referred to correspondence, news accounts, and other items in Sasha's files.

The cards are 5" x 8" and mounted on 100% cotton acid-free black museum board with archival mounting corners. The card can be removed easily or the 8" x 10" museum board fits nicely in a standard size frame. Each card is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Wendy Perry (Ann Shulgin's daughter and Executor of the Shulgin Family Trust), as well as by Fire and Earth Erowid.

A limited number of cards are available as gifts to those who contribute to support our Shulgin Archiving project. We are offering the first few as thank-you gifts for $1,000 or higher contributions.

During September the first $2,000 of any donation will be matched!