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Anonymous Donations
Names of Erowid Center contributors will never be shared or published without explicit permission, but records will be kept about the source of donations. If you would like to contribute more anonymously than this, there are several ways to do so.

  • Network for Good
    The Network for Good system is a secure donation system that makes it possible to donate anonymously to Erowid Center or any non-profit organization. You can choose whether or not to provide your name and/or contact information to Erowid at the time of your donation.

        Donate via Network for Good

  • Money Orders
    Money orders can also be mailed to the Erowid address. Many institutions that issue money orders do not require the name of the purchaser to be stated on the M.O., nor do they require any identification when purchasing. Money orders should be made out to "Erowid Center".

  • Cash Donations
    Cash donations can be mailed anonymously to the Erowid Center address below. Please note that sending cash in the mail can be risky. Erowid can not be held responsible for cash donations which are sent but do not arrive.

    Erowid Center
    PO Box 1116
    Grass Valley, CA 95945

  • Checks
    Semi-anonymous donations can be made by check. Simply include a note with your donation saying you would like this to be an anonymous donation and your name will not be kept in any Erowid records. It is important to know that checks remain trackable by both the issuing and receiving bank.

  • Cryptocurrency
    Anonymous donations can also be made via several different cryptocurrencies. To be anonymous, simply transfer cryptocurrency to an Erowid address as shown on our Cryptocurrency Donations page.