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The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum
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D.M. Turner
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Panther Press
The most powerful natural psychedelic known has recently been isolated from a rare Mexican sage, Salvia divinorum. The active compound, SALVINORIN A, has astonished users and researchers with its dramatic and intense psychoactive effects, which are quite distinct from those of other psychedelics. Early experiments with salvinorin A have shown diverse results, ranging from alarming intensity and terror, to experiences of exquisite feelings and insights, transformative and healing energies, and bizarre physical/geometric dimensions.

In the first book dedicated to this subject, D.M. Turner discusses Salvia divinorum's botany, history and use by Mazatec Indian shamans in Oaxaca; the discovery by western researchers and subsequent experiments that yielded salvinorin A; methods for using both the extract and whole plant material, and descriptions of Salvia divinorum's unique effects.

First-hand experiential accounts from pioneering users are presented, along with vivid descriptions of Turner's own extensive journeys within the fascinating and brave new worlds afforded by Salvia divinorum.

D.M. Turner is a psychedelic researcher and author of The Essential Psychedelic Guide.