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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Is it possible to synthesize GHB using potassium bicarbonate? biddyboy Dec 15 2010
What's growing in my GHB? Worried Mar 16 2007
Whats with this alternate synthesis of GHB from a GBL precursor (4-halogenbut... hippydude Aug 21 2001
Can Butyric acid be used as a replacement for GBL in GHB synthesis? ABC Thriller Jul 19 2001
Can I make GHB using materials bought over-the-counter or at a common store? joshbr Jun 7 2001
There has been some "GHB" going around where I live lately that smells like k... sleepygirl May 14 2001
Is it dangerous to mix GHB and MDMA? Dan Feb 27 2001
'Is Propylene Glycol a precursor to GHB?' Warstiner Nov 1 2000
'Can you please tell me which organs metabolize the drugs MDMA, GHB, Methamph... KenNY Oct 24 2000
'Are GHB, GBL, and 1,4-B legal in Canada?' erin Sep 15 2000
'Does GHB help with sex drive?' chris Sep 8 2000
'Can you taste the difference in concentration of GHB solutions?' BlowupRaver Jun 1 2000
'I heard of someone taking there another name for this?' Michael Vohs May 22 2000
'Why do you say GHB isn't lethal?' windey Apr 14 2000
'Does ghb show up in drug test as thc, morphine, or cocaine?' skam Mar 8 2000
'What is the onset of GHB like?' Cracker Feb 25 2000
'What is liquid MDMA?' Nitro Jan 27 2000
'Do others experience swelling feet and oily forhead/hands with GHB use?' David Dec 21 1999
'Has the Hilary J. Farias Date Rape Prevention Act passed, and when it does, ... cliff Dec 20 1999
'Can GHB come in pill form?' g Dec 10 1999
'What substances are "K" and "G"?' Michael Alcoser Nov 6 1999
Is there any legal way to obtain GHB in California? jr Jun 25 1999
'Are 1,4 Butanediol, Butylene glycol, or gamma-Butyrlactone legal to possess ... anonymous Jun 12 1999
What are the negative effects of GHB use? Leslie Edmondson Jun 5 1999

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