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Q: Is there a pill form of ghb?

A: While it is possible to obtain GHB in powder form, it will not remain so for long. GHB is very hygroscopic. This means it likes water so much it will suck it out of the air and form a goopy mess. Procedures can be taken to keep it in a powder (such as storing in a dessicator), but in general it will not last long. However, it's possible to make GHB into tablet form using either coated tablets or capsules which would both prevent it from soaking up water. There have been companies who have sold GHB in both tablet and capsule form.

Asked By : g
Answered By : psilo/fire
Published Date : 12 / 10 / 1999
Last Edited Date : 12 / 10 / 1999
Question ID : 81

Categories: [ GHB ]

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