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Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

Answered QuestionsNameDate
What are these gold specks on my mushrooms? Lazarus May 11 2009
Do magic mushrooms make your brain bleed? lgfjd Mar 12 2009
Why are mushroom grow kits harder to find now? scott Sep 10 2003
What's happened to Psilocybe Fanaticus? Brian Apr 2 2003
Do "magic mushrooms" affect the growth of the penis? hgs Nov 12 2002
At what temperatures do psilocybin and psilocin degrade? psilly Oct 15 2002
Do Mushrooms or MDMA reduce effectiveness of birth control pills? a girl Apr 18 2002
Do mushrooms (psychedelic or poisonous) glow under blacklight? shroomer Mar 23 2002
Is it true that mushroom spores are only illegal in Georgia and California? gimli Feb 25 2002
How can I find out if there is psilocybin/psilocin in a mushroom? KrIpThOr Aug 23 2001
Can Ecstasy or Mushrooms be taken sublingually? Candyflippa Jul 27 2001
Does Prozac affect the mushroom experience? buka Jul 23 2001
How do I connect an ultrasonic humdifier a grow box? Jim Apr 24 2001
How can I be sure the Mushrooms in my lawn are the real thing? curious Mar 28 2001
'Can mushrooms give you "Olney's Lesions"?' dave Feb 6 2001
'Is Panaeolus semiovatus psychoactive?' Dashiki Jan 22 2001
'What are the dangers of magic mushrooms?' J Jan 8 2001
'How do you identify mushrooms?' PP Jan 7 2001
'Has there been a decline in the use of psychedelics in the last few years?' scooter Dec 21 2000
'What parts of mushrooms contain psilocybin?' vulpine Dec 14 2000
'Are there any serious concerns about allergic responses to mushrooms?' iwrk4satan Dec 9 2000
'Using perlite humidification does the size of the growing chamber matter?' Tylorian Sep 30 2000
'How long is mushroom tea good for?' jimmy Sep 15 2000
Do you have information about long-term or reproductive effects of mushrooms? stain Apr 13 2000
'What is the legaity of mushroom spores?' chris Apr 11 2000
'What medications can be used to prevent the nausea caused by many entheogens?' DBJR Apr 9 2000
'Have you heard of allergic type reactions to magic mushrooms, and how concer... specialk Feb 13 2000
'How do you pronounce "psilocybe"?' tl Jan 27 2000
'Is it OK to eat mushrooms that have grown black fuzz?' Elise Dec 24 1999
'Can you identify mushrooms from a written description?' Evan Johnson Nov 7 1999
Does psiloc(yb)in cause any physical damage, particularly to the cerebral spi... greg Sep 17 1999
'Does storing mushrooms in freon work?' Wagner Jul 17 1999
How long will mushroom spore syringes remain viable? Doug Jun 24 1999
'Is it safe to eat magic mushrooms twice with only one day between experiences?' Jack Straw Jun 8 1999
'Does mushroom use show up in a drug test?' Ruben Jun 6 1999

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