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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What sort of grasses contain DMT? Dephect Feb 24 2011
Does Bufo alvarius venom contain DMT? Anonymous Feb 2 2011
Is DMT produced in the human brain? aaron Sep 2 2010
Is there a psychedelic produced naturally by the brain? Frank Sarosy Nov 6 2001
How is Anadenanthera used and what is the dosage? Anonymous Jul 17 2001
Can DMT be made from soap and balsamic vinegar? ShroomHead Jun 7 2001
'Is there a easier way of preparing phalaris grass than extracting or using a... psycho0 Jan 30 2001
Is there enough DMT in Phalaris grass to simply smoke the grass rather than d... bob Sep 19 2000
'What is the street name for DMT?' Saney Aug 24 2000
'Do you have any information about a plant called something like 'damanthus'?' LTW Mar 22 2000
'Would chewing phalaris grass seeds cause an effect?' rottendot Nov 12 1999
What is 'Yopu' or 'Yopo'? Parsec Oct 28 1999
'What are the effects and dosage of 5-Meo-DIPT and 5-MeO-DMT?' The Purepig Oct 4 1999
What is the DMT content of Mimosa hostilis rootbark? Traveler Jun 10 1999
'Can dimethyltryptamine be synthesized from 5-hydroxyl L-tryptamine?' astrachild May 25 1999

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