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How is Anadenanthera used and what is the dosage?
Q: I have found very little info about Anadenanthera usage and dosage. I once tried to roast, crush and sniff several seeds, with no noticeable effects. Can it be mixed with MAOI's? What about Bufotenine?

A: Dosage depends on alkaloid content, which can be extremely variable. Some seeds are extremely potent, and others are worthless. As well, the alkaloid profile is variable, with reports of 5-MeO-DMT, DMT, and bufotenine being present to various degrees in different Anadenanthera seeds. Some users suggest starting with 1/2 a seed, toasted and powdered (whether taken via the nose, or smoked), and working up from there. Some people also report a greater degree of success smoking the seeds (as well as less discomfort).

Anadenanthera colubrina is usually reported as having "better" effects, and less side-effects (nasal pain, in particular) than A. perigrina. Due to dramatic blood-pressure increase from injected bufotenine, it may be a little bit dicey to use a MAOI in conjunction with Anadenanthera seeds--although Jonathan Ott has done this, and before experimenting with this combo, one would be wise to read his new book, Shamanic Snuffs Or Entheogenic Errhines. Despite what has been written and parroted in the past, bufotenine definitely is psychoptic/entheogenic, as Ott's new book clearly shows.

Asked By : Anonymous
Answered By : jon hanna
Published Date : 7 / 17 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 7 / 17 / 2001
Question ID : 2754

Categories: [ DMT ] [ Plants - Other ] [ Dosage ]

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