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Erowid Announcement #9
October 9, 1999
Hey Friends,

Since the last announcement message we've hit 1,100 people on the Erowid announcement list. Hope you're all finding this useful and interesting, and our donation request not too annoying. :]

We're having our first ever Erowid donation drive. Our short-term goal is to raise donations to cover two of us at least 1/2 time each, working to research and add vital information to the Vaults. Donations can be mailed directly to Erowid. For more information on donating to Erowid, see :

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at



  1. Psychoactive Timelines

    We've created 5 new timeline pages tracking important events in the histories of psychoactive plants and chemicals. We're working on timelines for additional substances and are planning to add a submission form, so if you've got dates that we're missing...keep them until we get set-up to take submissions.

  2. Ayahuasca Terminology
    I don't know about the rest of you, but I've found the collection of plant names, chemical names, common names, areas of the world, and details of various dmt preparations quite confusing. This page has a combination of two charts defining all this for both ayahuasca brews as well as DMT containing snuffs used in the Amazon.

  3. Peyote Vault

  4. Mescaline Containing Cacti

    We've separated the peyote and cacti sections out of the mescaline vault so it should be easier to sort through to find what exactly what you're looking for. We have a bunch of new cacti images and information coming, but I couldn't get them ready in time for this announcement. Look for them next time!

  5. San Pedro Preparation

    This is a brief piece with photos and some narrative describing the preparation of San Pedro by a Peruvian shaman.

  6. Newly Updated Music Vault

    Some of you may have noticed how sad and pathetic the music section of our library has been. I'm working on improving that and have added a collection of our favorites to start it off.

  7. Copelandia and Other Psychoactive Fungi in Hawaii, by John W. Allen

    A journal article by John W. Allen, from Psychedelic Illuminations.

  8. The Home Cannabis Creator

    A new guide documenting the various techniques and issues needed in the cultivation of cannabis.

  9. A Guide to Psychedelics

    A general primer/faq on a variety of psychedelics.

  10. Phalaris/DMT FAQ

    A pretty good collection of information about DMT with a heavy focus on the Phalaris grasses.

  11. A collection of 25 new books in the Library

    Best to just scroll down the list of what's new and look in mid-September to see what books we've added.

  12. Kratom Vault

    Kratom is a stimulant plant from Southeast Asia. Not much in this vault yet, but a little info and one journal article. We're looking for more information and images. Let us know if you have some to share.


If you find Erowid a useful resource and are interested in supporting its future development, please consider donating or becoming a member.



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