Mushrooms (also Magic Mushrooms; Psilocybin-containing Fungi) Reports - Families
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Highly Recommended The Horror, The Horror Jamshyd Mushrooms 2004 Dec 01
Highly Recommended We Grow Together Maya Cannabis, Mushrooms 2001 Nov 21
Recommended Life Under Water JT DXM Polistirex, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2023 Dec 26
Recommended 1st Heroic Dose but Not Transformative Ben Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Alprazolam 2020 Sep 24
Recommended Make Sure to Check Your Set and Setting Magellan Mushrooms 2017 Mar 05
Recommended Loss of Presence Gregg Dix Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2016 Feb 06
Recommended Time for Therapy Orlando RedTailed Mushrooms (P. cubensis) 2007 Mar 25
Recommended Born Again Herman Bobstrap Mushrooms 2006 Sep 01
Recommended Healing and Revealing Quetzal Butterfly Mushrooms (P. cubensis) 2003 Jun 09
Hell and Heaven caleb Mushrooms 2023 May 14
My Cycle of Death in the Void A.Bluntsdell Mushrooms & Alprazolam 2022 Dec 23
Good Harvest Good Family Teliiss Mushrooms & Tobacco 2022 Nov 26
Life, Death, God, Acceptance TPCole Mushrooms 2022 Oct 23
Level 5, Solo Arrogance newbietripper Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2022 Mar 24
Well and Truly Truffled Sam Mushrooms - P. atlantis & Syrian Rue (extract) 2019 Jun 19
Endless Rolling Tears of Contentment nibycolisp Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa 2018 Jul 12
Couples Therapy on the Train Tracks traintracks Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2017 Oct 16
Voice Telling Me, Just Keep Going Forward Daphnis Mushrooms - P. cyanescens 2017 Sep 27
Trapped In a Useless Body gMan Mushrooms 2010 Mar 05
The Place of My Dreams Arjuna Mushrooms - P. Cubensis & Cannabis 2008 Oct 02
Almost Died! SearchinGuy Mushrooms 2008 Mar 01
Avoiding A Bad Trip Pendragon Mushrooms - P. azurescens & Cannabis 2007 Nov 07
What Mushrooms Felt Like PetShopWaffle Mushrooms 2007 Nov 03
Diddlesticks Pipesmoker Mushrooms - P. Cubensis 2007 Jul 31
Soul to Squeeze Tripped Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Jul 22
No 'Standard' Dose Samantha MDMA (Ecstasy), Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Jun 02
Mayans, UFOs & Holy Water Mr. Frink Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis 2007 Mar 16
A Visit to the 'Other Side' Deepdreamer Mushrooms (P. cubensis) 2007 Mar 05
Me and Mom tunnel Mushrooms 2006 Apr 06
Lost Beach Party N.A Mushrooms 2005 Apr 01
The Nightmare of the Mushroom Matrix Mescalito Mushrooms 2003 Oct 30
More Common Ground Judith Mushrooms, MDMA & Cannabis 2003 Jun 20
Thank You Mom Niko Mushrooms 2003 Feb 13
Unravelling The Experiential Fabric Quetzecoatl Mushrooms, Cannabis & Tobacco 2023 Mar 01
The Peak of the Day cicp420 Chocolate & Mushrooms (edible) 2023 Feb 09
Beauty Lies Here van Mushrooms 2022 Sep 25
I Am Nature Jake Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2022 May 19
First Dance With the Mushroom Anders H. Mushrooms 2021 Mar 29
More Like Being Nicely Stoned Solipsist Mushrooms & Fluoxetine 2021 Mar 02
Love Death and Magic Mushrooms Todd Caldecott MDMA & Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2019 Dec 12
I Had Done Some Reading on Psilohuasca DreamWithin Syrian Rue & Mushrooms 2019 May 24
Into the Depths of Insanity G.B.R Mushrooms - P. azurescens 2018 Jul 06
Too Much Redosing 43opu34 Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Sep 05
Dreams of the Mind A Fisher Mushrooms 2007 Jun 23
Mindfuck - Never Again Cajun Girl Mushrooms 2007 May 05
Good Bad Trip musick Mushrooms 2004 Sep 10
Brothers on a Journey k|m Mushrooms - P. cyanescens 2002 Oct 24
Much More Then I Expected euGene Mushrooms 2001 Dec 30
I Was Healed AnonCyber Mushrooms 2023 Oct 06
On the Ledge bubblegum Mushrooms 2023 Feb 26
Scariest but Most Amazing Day of My Life JOJM Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2022 May 27
Heads Started Morphing Into Ant People Desiree Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2020 Sep 15
Extremely Beautiful Time Mushrooms 2019 Dec 14
The Day I Woke Up and Started Believing MSing Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2019 Apr 08
The Death Of Ego-A Life Of Id crystalship Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2012 Jul 07
The Basement Expierence With MSG3 Psilocybin Mushroom Mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms) 2009 Sep 13
A Family Thing Boomer Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2003 Jun 10
Bad Idea, but Too Desperate to Care Montucky Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2019 Apr 12
Forgiveness Luka Mushrooms 2018 Jun 12
Growing with my Brother Concept Mushrooms 2004 Jan 15

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