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What Mushrooms Felt Like
Citation:   PetShopWaffle. "What Mushrooms Felt Like: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp51486)". Nov 3, 2007.

T+ 0:00
3.5 g oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
  T+ 0:30 3.5 g oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
Age: 18
Setting: Home (with my family)

First off, I am a huge pot head. I smoke weed at least 3 times a day and have never had any experience with mushrooms or any other drug of the sorts prior to this trip. Since my entire family smokes weed together, I knew it would be cool if I tried some shrooms and let them take care of me, which they agreed to do. It was Friday, and after work at the bank, I asked an older friend to try and find me some mushrooms because I've always wanted to trip out, not knowing the power and adventure that I was about to embark upon. Since there are hardly any mushrooms around, I had to buy two $20 chocolates that held an eighth of shrooms a piece.

So I had my two shroom chocolates and I was so happy that I'm pretty sure some kind of before-trip kicked in. My family agreed to watch over me, as long as I tried to behave myself. I wanted nothing but positive energy because there is no better setting that I could have possibly chosen, my own house with my own family. My family watched as I gobbled the entire first chocolate down in about 2-3 minutes, followed by me licking the wrapper it was in. I could taste the rich amount of mushrooms. I waited and discussed the way I was feeling with my family regularly. About 10 minutes after eating the chocolate, all the colors around seems super vivid and bright. My body felt like it had waves of energy flowing through it. I was so excited about this that I had to talk about it with my dad, who used to do shrooms on a regular basis, and he told me that I should run around a little bit and eat the other one in about 30 minutes.

As far as the feeling, I didn't feel anything other than a buzz similar to weed until I started eating the second chocolate, then, it fucking hit me. I could barely finish the second chocolate because my mouth felt like mush. My entire body felt like it was being tickled and I wanted to break out of my mortal body because I felt restrained by it, and this was truely frustrating. When I finished the second chocolate, and waited a few more minutes, thats when my trip took off like a bat out of hell.

By now, I was completely freaking out and having a mega blast all at the same time. My family was laughing at me, but I didn't care. My living room and everything in it seemed to look like Las Vegas but without the lights. By this, I mean that everything was very vivid and real and the colors that made everything up were beautiful. My cabin home looked so exotic and I felt like everything in the world was there. Here are a couple more things I remember before I really started to hit hard. When I looked at the frames of the windows, which were 1x4's painted a light-brown color, they looked like amazing strokes of paint and this astounded me to the point of jaw-dropping wonder that I have ever even imagined myself thinking. I knew it was the mushrooms and I was having (still is) the best time of my life. I knew the things I were seeing were only the mushrooms, but I couldn't fight 'The Truth' because it would grow and voices would start screaming in my head.

Everything I looked at from the coral in a salt water fish tank to the patterns on a bandanna would stick in my vision and everything I looked at for a few seconds after that would be made out of that object or pattern. Everything I thought (but mostly uncontrolled thought) would cast over my vision until the point where I could not see anything but pure hallucinations. Colors, trails and flashes were making firework-like images on everything I looked at. My head was making so much chaos and ambiance along with amazing sounds and colors that I have never seen before dance all over everything and all inside my body. At this point, I couldn't even make out anything I was seeing, for it was covered by another reality where my mind controls everything I see.

It's hard to remember alot of details about the next part, but imagine having a dream while you are awake (while being super high and sort of drunk) where nothing but colors, flashes and energy made everything I saw. In my mind, I saw myself showing my mushroom trip off to strange people. I was showing them on a monitor and they were asking 'How old are you?' and 'Are you trippin?', note that these questions were being asked throughout most of the trip so this intensified my views on whether what I was seeing was real or not.

Then, I plunged into a dark abyss, far inside my mind. I don't remember if my eyes were closed or not, but it was really hard to keep them open at some points. I saw the back of myself in third person jump over pages in a book that were being flipped underneath me, and I faded off into the dark distance, actually only about 10 feet or so distance. I then saw a MASSIVE sleeping bag over flowing with stars and just flatout black space. The zipper was a huge rainbow of colors that I can't even begin to explain and it makes me sweat still to this day just remembering the hughes of yellowish red and amazing sounds that I will never hear again.

My soul was flying freely around the universe and I was actually meeting alot of people. I couldn't see much but blue soul-like figures floating around on blue hover-craft-like vehicles. There was a young boy, and old man and a mean goblin like character. I was running around in the darkness asking everyone what 'The Truth' was. Everyone was telling me hints about 'The Truth' until finally I made my way into a tiny hole in the sleeping bag. The goblin popped his head out which exhausted red puffs of smoke with white outlines. I knew now that the truth was locked up in that huge sleeping bag, and the goblin character was trying to keep it from me. I asked him what 'the truth' was, and he said that nobody would ever know and that I didn't deserve to know.

Then, all the sudden, I felt as if millions of aliens were mad at me because I, a mere earthling, has discovered a way to use my mind for mass communication. They would tell me things that I didn't like, but most of all it was just negative energy. Everything made since to me, and I could feel my mind literally expanding. 'What is the truth?' I repeated endlessly. My brother kept telling me to shut up because he said I kept repeating the same bizzare stuff. 'All is one' I kept saying. 'All is as is' I repeated again and again. 'That it that, but what can I do?' I kept muttering. Well, back to the goblin. I then told him that nobody knew the truth and he went back inside the sleeping bag.

I witness true ego death. I felt terrible, like my dog just died. It is then, that I felt strange fumes from what seemed to be coming from the mushrooms going through my stomach. Everything started breathing, my dream was wavy and confusing and bits of reality tore through it, from what I remember, I think it was my kitchen. When I tried to see where I was in reality, All I saw was a bunch of lines and rainbows with a really loud noise. This freaked me out so bad. I went through time and saw the entire universe without leaving my house. Then, I busted open the sleeping bag and jumped inside. That's when the tiny world my mind had made up, went to hell.

Demons, ghouls and ghosts. Slaughter, blood, fire and raping everywhere. The images were SOOOO REAL! I think it's because my heart is in art and that is my life. The trip was going like a fairy-tale gone wrong, but it was like I was going through a story. I then remember me meeting the mushroom man and he was blowing me away like the big bad wolf with a clogged-throat yell. The force of the wind that he made made me fly away, but the kept chasing me, pushing me further and further back. Him and everything my mind made was blazing and oozing, and soon I started seeing things from reality coming in my dream. I got a small taste of reality, actually it was more like everything was squirming and releasing rainbow colors. Everything I picked up and saw was like god's gift. I felt so young and vulnerable. I didn't even notice my family was having a ball watching me this whole time, lol.

Well, all this took place over about 6-7 hours. Now that I think about it, when I remember people saying that mushrooms seems to slow time down, my time actually got sped up because those hours flew by in what seemed like only an hour or so. I was actually kind of sad when the buzz started waring off because it was like waking up from the best dream ever and realizing it wasn't true.

I know for a fact I'm going to trip shrooms again because it was such a fucking blast! Oh yeah and there is a slight hangover the day after too, so expect this. On another note, I might also try some LSD, but it's really rare in North Carolina so I'm not sure. Well, back to reality. Another day, another dimension.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51486
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 3, 2007Views: 26,614
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Families (41), Entities / Beings (37), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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