Datura (also Jimson Weed; Thorn Apple) Reports - Health Problems
Health Problems
(29 Total)

Highly Recommended A Delerious Experience Maverick Datura inoxia 2000 Oct 14
Recommended A Brush with Death and Total Confusion The Trickster Datura 2009 Mar 26
Recommended Eating Bugs While My Friends Convulsed Mikey Datura 2002 Apr 07
Recommended Discovering Delerium Jason Goyer Datura stramonium 2001 Feb 24
Recommended Datura Deterrant Josh Datura 2000 Oct 08
On a Third Day I Regained My Ability to Read Ignashu Datura 2020 May 22
I Lost My Pets and Almost Burned the House Down Lucky Datura 2008 Jun 15
A Curious Mind Jamie Datura (Jimson Weed) 2008 Jan 23
A Horrible Experience Tweek Datura 2002 Apr 07
Extensive Datura Overview daturahead Datura 2002 Apr 07
Took It in Jail spasmelodic Datura 2018 May 29
Methodical Damage R1 Datura 2006 Aug 28
Heart Problems from the Combo Ase Dimenhydrinate & Datura 2006 Aug 21
Unique and Unpleasant Intrepid Explorer Datura 2004 Feb 11
Not in Kansas Anymore BadBoo Datura Seeds 2001 Jul 01
Loss of Coordination Entirely Lorax Datura 2000 Oct 10
Distress CripKeeper Datura 2023 Feb 18
Claws Were Closing on My Stomach Victim Datura ferox 2013 Jul 14
A Glass to Hell Russ Datura 2004 Jul 18
Why Are You Talking to Yourself? god Datura inoxia 2002 Nov 05
Overdosing on Datura prot0n Datura 2002 May 07
HPPD Caused by Datura and Other Drugs carpet head Datura, Mushrooms, 2C-T-7, Cocaine, Speed, & others 2002 Apr 07
My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me Datura Seeds 2003 Sep 19
Touching Death DepravedAddict Datura 2003 Apr 30
I.C.U. = Datura's Terrifying Effect Karrie Datura 2002 Aug 30
2 1/2 Years and 90 Percent Back to Normal mike Datura Flowers (??) 2001 Dec 24
Datura Power SpiritOfTheStone Datura 2001 Sep 19
Share and Share Alike lab rat Datura 2000 Dec 21
Way Not Worth It! Skahead Datura 2000 Oct 10

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