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Why Are You Talking to Yourself?
Datura inoxia
by god
Citation:   god. "Why Are You Talking to Yourself?: An Experience with Datura inoxia (exp18641)". Nov 5, 2002.

1 flower oral Datura (tea)


what i am about to write about happened just yesterday. i am still hallucinating and my pupils are HUGE. This was my third time 'tripping' on datura. i was with my boyfriend, D and four other friends J, L, Li and C. J had done datura with me and D before and hadnt liked it so he didnt do it with us. We hadnt expected Li to come, so we hadnt made enough tea for her. D had done datura the other two times i had, and L and C never had.

i myself was very excited to take datura again. i had liked my other two experiences on it, and i had just come back from a rave where i had spent half the night unsuccsesfully searching for lsd, and when i couldnt find that i couldnt even find a roll until the afterparty. i fell asleep at the afterparty and didnt roll. the last drug i had done was datura a week ago, and a week before that and before that (a very long while before that) it was probably pot. i was tired and disapointed (it was a crappy rave even if it didnt lack drugs) and ready for a high. me and D picked five flowers from someone's front yard. they were white and pink. we boiled a tea for about 10 minutes (i was paranoid about my mom coming home) with four cups of water in it. we also put some real tea in it to the hide the bitter taste. when it was done we poured almost all of it into an empty water bottle. the small amount left we just poured down the drink. then me, D and J went to meet L and C. Li was with them. I am a very impatient person, so i drank the first fourth of the tea. i MAY have had a little more than anyone else because the bottle was full to the cap, but im not sure. Then C drank some, then L and then D. After a few minutes or so i began to feel the familiar effects of datura-slight cottonmouth (not as bad as usual) getting very tired (although i already was from staying up all night)and feeling heavy and weird. i also needed to go to the bathroom. i wanted to go to the Broadway Market where they had a public bathroom, which everyone agreed to but Li, L and C wanted to go buy some candy at qfc first. i didnt have to go THAT bad so i agreed. we all went to qfc and i remembered there was a bathroom there, but i couldnt remember where (i had been on datura last time i went to it, heh). Li offered to show me where it was but then, for some reason, i decided i didnt need to go to the bathroom anymore. C went off to buy a buscard and D, J, L, Li and i got candy and waited in the line. a spasm kept shivering through my legs and feet and i was continually getting more and more fucked up. i decided i needed to sit down so D and J took me to some chairs in the corner of the store. soon Li, L and C joined us. we stayed there for a little while, i cant remember why, maybe so Li and L could eat their candy? and at some point i believe i did decide to go to the bathroom, and did. then we left and were headed towards the broadway market, but since i had already peed i didnt want to go anymore+i didnt feel like i could walk that far. i wanted to take a bus to a coffee shop downtown, but for some reason everyone else still wanted to go to the broadway market, so i guess we went there. my legs began to twitch oddly. i wouldnt have called it twitching, it felt more like i was tripping on something that wasnt even there, but my boyfriend said that the whole right half of my body would suddenly twitch. after this i'm trying sooo hard to remember it, but right now i cant. i will tell you what my friends said happened. we went to the broadway market and i was really fucked up. i would mumble things that nobody could understand and apparantly i started looking for a friend, V, who wasnt even there and never had been. i had left her at the rave (she wasnt even at the afterparty) J, sober, sat me and D (who was the second most fucked up out of all of us) at a table. then i got up and walked into a store. J and D followed me. I supposedly looked terrified and i seemed to be looking for something/something (v?). i walked to the back of the store and sat down. they got me to stand up and then i walked around the store sitting down randomly. i grabbed a little silver box and wouldnt let go for some time. then i saw a friend of my mothers and her daughter. i remember this very vaguely. i saw her and tried to get away because i didnt want her to see me (i guess i knew i was really messed up) but then i went and stood on some carpets that were sitting on a box and sat on them and this woman was right there. apparantly she saw me and lifted up my head. i gave her a blank stare and dropped my head. she asked D what i was on, etc. and then i guess she left? once we left that store i went into gap and sat in the middle of the store. they tried to get me out and i would just drop my head into my arms. my friends took me outside, thinking we should go to a nearby park. i could hardly walk. i followed V (who wasnt really there) into the street and sat down. somehow they managed to get me down most of broadway. it must have been pretty slow though because i kept randomly sitting down. i can only guess this was because my feet were having spasms like they did in qfc. we never made it to the park. i turned on a street and began heading to the park and then a police car and ambulance drove up. nobody knows who called 911. the best guess is someone on the street saw how fucked up i was and decided i needed medical attention. i sat on the edge of the ambulance and another ambulance came (why, i dont know, maybe it had different equipment/specialists in it?) D tried to get to me but a cop pulled him away and he started crying. i think they got most of their information from J who was e-tarded but otherwise sober. i was tied in a stretcher and put in the ambulance where i was taken to the emergency room of harborview hospital. i think at some point i either passed out or fell asleep because when my mom got to the hospital my eyes were closed. at some time i woke up, and i can very shiftily remember what happened. i was still hallucinating very badly. i didnt really know where i was but my mom told me and then told me i had fallen unconcious which i denied. i was tied down to the bed. my finger felt really weird, there was something on it, and i thought i had gloves on. i had been wearing gloves but i think they had been removed. i felt hot so i kept trying to take my gloves off but i couldnt because of the restraints on my wrists. i dont remember this happening but i asked to go to the bathroom. they took of the restraints and my mom walked me to the bathroom, but when we reached it i wouldnt go in so i was taken back to the room. they brought a bedpan but i refused to use it. they were worried my bladder was going to explode or something so they had to put a cathidor in me. the nurse told me this repeatedly and i was like 'ok' but then when they started to take my pants off i started freaking out and tring to pull them back up. eventually i had to be held down. the reason i think i was freaking out so bad was because i was hallucinating D, J and Li standing next to the bed and it was very embarassng. i also had tubes in my nose, though i dont remember this at all. and i had an IV, which i saw but i dont remember them putting the needle in my arm. at one point the doctor was explaining to my mother what was going on and i said to him,'why are you talking to yourself?' i dont think i always acknowledged her presence...i thought D was there, and i talked to him a lot. at one point my mom left and D left with her and didnt come back when she did. i thought they wouldnt allow him back in. this was so vivid to me that i never knew that he hadnt actually been there until the time when i was going home and i asked my mom where he went and if he had ever been there.

the doctor kept asking me things like what his name was which i usally remembered but sometimes forgot. at one point i said J's name, but i dont know why. he also asked me what day it was and i said it was wednesday the 17th, when in actuality it was saturday the 2nd. i eventually realied it was saturday but never stopped thinking it was the 17th. my mom said i talked to D and V and said something about striped socks. i also asked 'her' (though i was probably hallucinating V or someone) if she was going to the afterparty. i was also getting very confused. i thought that an ambulance which had been called for someone at the rave had actually been called for ME, and that i had taken half a green t ecstasy pill with the datura. then i began to have memories from book i had recently read and i thought i had drunk alcohol and tried to kill myself, but i couldnt figure out why i had tried to kill myself. eventually i came down enough to be allowed to go home. i wanted to go to the bathroom (the cathidor was gone) and the doctor had to take the IV out of my skin. i thought it would hurt and i began shaking with fear. then for some reason i thought he was going to inject morphine or heroin into me and though that may have been fun, i didnt want a needle so i asked the doctor if it was really necessary. his reply was 'taking the IV out? yes, i cant let you go until its gone' and then i remembered what he was doing. i went to the bathroom and then me and my mom were given a ride home from a neighbor.

the doctor told my mom i could have died. my blood pressure kept rising and falling.

i knew i was hallucinating but i was still scared of big black bugs i kept seeing crawl and flit around the car. i got to my moms house and tried to call D but he wasnt home. i was still hallucinating a lot. i went to the bathroom and held a conversation with L and C. for a while my moms pupils looked red and it was demonic and scary. this also happened to a baby picture of me which morphed into other things like a woman and a face.
i am still hallucinating and getting fleeting weird feelings in my body. when i ate breakfast the roof of my mouth hurt a LOT. my boyfriend said that happened to him too.

datura is not a good thing. i love not paying for drugs, but datura is not worth it. and if you are over 18, you end up paying a lot more than an eight of mushrooms or a few hits of lsd would cost. i admit i liked datura before this happened. it was interesting to see people who werent there, but there are better hallucinogens in the world. and they are a lot safer too. even if you think you're experienced and knowledgable, and you follow all the erowid or whatever guidelines, datura is unpredictable. dying, or almost doing so, is NOT WORTH the high.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18641
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 5, 2002Views: 28,889
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