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Reports from Apr 14 2006 - Apr 14 2006
(20 Total)

Recommended Nutmegged for 30 Hours Nutmegger Nutmeg 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Far from Zen RJ LSD & Cannabis 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Realms of Existence I am Cannabis 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Shallow Depth in Strange Dreaming Mayakaya H.B. Woodrose 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Total Ego Distruction and Loss of Self Jeff Poo LSD 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Woah, I Wonder if Curry Works Too? Ricky Spice Nutmeg 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Between Rachmaninov and Strongbad Anonymous Cannabis 2006 Apr 14
Recommended Perfectly Complete Forgetting Gavrilo Salvia divinorum 2006 Apr 14
Well On The Way Zoot Horn Rollo Diazepam, Carisoprodol & Hydrocodone 2006 Apr 14
Lost Inside My Own Body with No Identity Escaped Salvia divinorum & Alcohol - Beer 2006 Apr 14
Better Drunk Arné Salvia divinorum & Alcohol - Hard 2006 Apr 14
Horse Killer Might be Good for Horses John R Salvia divinorum 2006 Apr 14
Therapy Salvia Man Salvia divinorum 2006 Apr 14
Puffing Destiny Demarksman Tobacco 2006 Apr 14
Mild but Something Taylor Catnip & Tobacco 2006 Apr 14
Controlled Experiment Pete Alcohol - Hard & Diazepam (Valium) 2006 Apr 14
The Drunkest I Have Ever Been Fun Alcohol - Hard 2006 Apr 14
So Relaxed Nephandi Catnip 2006 Apr 14
The Fantastic Four Brian B. Bad Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco - Cigarettes & Inhalants - Nitrites 2006 Apr 14
Leaves and Cusco Sunhawk Coca 2006 Apr 14

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