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Realms of Existence
by I am
Citation:   I am. "Realms of Existence: An Experience with Cannabis (exp46009)". Apr 14, 2006.

2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I guess that for the record I must state something about myself. I, at the time of this writing, am 16 years old according to our society. I myself do not see the bindings of age as a matter of any consequence. The most important thing I must point out is that I have been into meditation for approximately a month, trying my best to experience an out of body experience as best my abilities, and perhaps master astral projection.

One night as I was sitting there in a very deep trance state, I heard a loud popping noise in my head, somewhat on the right side of my head, but it was almost more of a separating of something sticky from something else, I believe it to have been my pineal gland becoming de-attached from the rest of my brain, this means my third eye has, at least, been partially opened. I have also been on the verge of astral projection while not under the influence of drugs several times, with separation of parts of my body, opening of the astral bodyís mouth and tearing away of my astral arm from the physical one (of which I had a fascinating experience last night). I might also say I am somewhat of a psychonaut with the different drugs I have used, although I have only been able to have access to pot and salvia, I have used them in ways most never think toÖ the story I am about to dictate to you is one of those experiences, the first actually, and hopefully not the last.

I will start with a summary of sorts of my day, I left home with a friend (sober, and had been for about 2 months) to pick up some shrooms, but my other friend could not get any that day so I said fuck it, we then proceeded to where I work to get some pizza and eat lunch. We then walked around in the park for a couple hours before my shift started. I worked from about 4 p.m. until approximately 8 p.m. I soon come to find out two of my co-workers were going to smoke some bud (which they do on a daily basis and had no hesitation to inviting me along) so after a phone call I bought myself a couple hours to smoke some Buddha.

Now, I shall describe these two guys to you because I find it one of the best parts of this high. One I shall call John, while I will call the other Matt, honestly we use nicknames so im not sure if those are their real names or not, lol. Anyway, Matt is just a pothead, but a pretty cool guy either way. The other is one of the craziest, funniest, most amazing person I have ever met, also he was apparently one of the biggest drug dealers and computer hackers and ravers and acid heads of his day. Extremely cool guy, has some of the funniest stories to tell, anyway. I find him to be an interesting person, because he has had so many changes occur to him in his life he looks at things ways most people donít, which is probably why I like him so much.

Anyway, we get to mattís house and smoke some bud, and considering I am such a lightweight I donít smoke much, but we hang out and I talk with John for a few minutes. The whole time I can not shake the feeling that he has been misunderstood his whole lifeÖ also the strangest part is the more I talk to him the more I come to think that the things he is telling me is not just human communication, but there is a hidden meaning behind all of his words, almost as if his subconscious is trying to describe to me its experience in this physical world, almost trying to describe exactly how his body works also. So after a few minutes I realize why I donít talk much, its not because I am shy, its not because I donít have anything to say, but its because my job, my ultimate purpose in life is to take notes, to watch all these people and see how they interact and how they differ from one another, and what each personís soul decides to do with they body they have been given access to.

Soon it begins to set in, strangely enough ever since I smoked some herb from texas, which was very potent, I get the same feeling, its almost as if there is a soul inside of me that actually is my feeling (my nervous system if you look at it in a scientific way) but i can feel this spirit break up as i get to the end of each nerve ending, and i can feel it actually touching and trying to understand how my body works.

Anyway, during this time we had been driving and I soon got back to my grandmotherís house where I was staying that night (she is old, she couldnít tell if I were stoned or not.) But I go in and I had, earlier in the day, left my toothbrush and stuff at my house, so I just take my contacts out and go to bed. Now as mentioned previously, I am into meditation, and I had vowed to myself the next time I used a drug I would meditate and try my hardest to have an oobe. There were two distinct times in which events occurred, one was when I was sitting up-right in the crossed leg position, so popular with Asian spiritualistís since forever, and the other was when I was laying down with my arm laying down, but raised my forearm and hand as to keep my mind awake but allow my body to sleep.

To begin, I was sitting in the cross-legged position, and It took me a few minutes to arrive at the point of.. well I donít know exactly how to describe it, there were two stages, the first began with me feeling each heart pump, I could feel it when my heart beat and the blood moved and stopped with each pump. Soon i also felt each cell in my body, almost if it were a ticker, and ever good emotion they took track of it, but also every bad emotion, and also every neutral emotion, while creative emotions were different all together, this leads me to believe, or not believe but percieve how exactly emotion and stress affect the human body and as to how we create our own good feelings and health and bad feelings and bad health. Anyway, next my awareness became amazing, I had experienced it before, but sober is completely different than high, its that point in which you can perceive everything in the room, I know how far away the walls are and how far the end of the bed is from my body. Now keep in mind, about this point, my perception of time was heightened, basically its like a time warp where I can see every instance of time behind me, while the present one is at one end of the time warp. This continued until I got out of my body.

Anyway, soon after this point I began to actually see the room with my mindís eye, it was almost black and white though, being that I was in a rather darkened room what should I have expected. Now, sadly I only got to the point of leaving that room before I thought about my higher awareness and I soon was shot up, what felt like a million miles.

As soon as I reached this plateau, I could see it, It was one of the strangest things ever, I could see earth, but there were thousands of earthís, each in its own dimension, then I realized that this was actually each individuals spirit in orbit of these planets.

If I tried I could go down and pick one and see what it is like to be a different animal, I actually went into the body of the frog, and from this point I could actually change which type of animal I could be, I could go straight out of the frogís body into a dogís body or into a bearís body, the strange thing was that I could not control it, merely perceive what it is like to be a frog, I could not actually even see what it was perceiving, only what the body felt like and how the eyes felt. Soon after this I went back above the earth(s) and looked at one end (the other is earth dimensions going on forever, I believe) and I saw a bright light, almost as if it were the center of consciousness, I went to it, but as soon as I did, I left, I donít know if I canít remember what happened there, or if what I learned was too great or if I decided that it was just not my time to be there, or if I decided that this place was too good for me. All I know is that it felt like the center of knowledge, the center of everything in the universe, almost like each of those souls jobs were actually to gather data about the earth, by living out lives of these physical bodies to collect data for the universal awareness.

At this time, it hit me again that my job, no matter what species I am, is to take notes on what is going on in the world, what my species does and how they interact, that is the part of the whole that I am.

Now I am back over the planets, and something makes me come back to my body, I believe my phone rang, which pissed me off because it was actually just an alarm for work which I was already off of.

Anyway, the second stage of my journey began at this point when I laid down and laid my arm, but kept the forearm and hand in the air as to keep my mind awake but allow my body to sleep.

So as I lay there, I cut off the one light in the room so I could go to sleep when I was done with my practices. I began to feel my astral body separate ever so slightly from my physical, not a floating sensation, but merely a vibrational difference if you will. I then proceeded to pull my arm (right arm mind you) away from my physical arm, and the event I saw was the most amazing, breath taking thing ever. I saw my arm, wrapped in whitish, sliver silk type cloth, a strand of about a half inch thick encircling my entire arm. As I pulled, it stretched and then ripped and out came my somewhat see through astral arm, the silk itself ripped and flew off energy in one of the most beautiful spectacles I have ever witnessed. After realizing what happened I tried to pull away my other body parts, but to no avail. I will mention that I had been able to do this in a sober state, but every time I had done this sober I saw nothing. I am also right handed and I think that may have something to do with it, but I was not able to pull my left arm away, nor my head. When I tried to raise my head I could see this silk again encircling my head, but I was too tired at this point to break through.

That was pretty much the end of it, I soon drifted off to sleep and woke the next morning exhausted (but it was early).

I can not wait to do this again and allow more time to my meditation.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46009
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 14, 2006Views: 49,962
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OBE (332), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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