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Recommended Not All I Was Hoping For jaggerjack Ketamine 2015 Aug 04
Recommended A Comfortable Place Jaggerjack 6-APB 2012 Jun 04
Recommended Overwhelming but Fantastic jaggerjack 2C-T-2 & Cannabis 2011 Dec 21
Recommended Tranquil with a Touch of American jaggerjack 4-Aco-DMT, B. caapi, & Cannabis 2011 Sep 22
Recommended Fractal Music jaggerjack Salvia divinorum, Cannabis & Nitrous 2011 Sep 04
Recommended More Than Expected jaggerjack 2C-I 2011 Jun 18
Recommended The Joys of Family jaggerjack Various 2011 May 01
Recommended Nice and Shroomlike jaggerjack 4-AcO-DMT & Nitrous Oxide 2011 Mar 08
Mild and Uninteresting jaggerjack 2C-D 2017 Nov 21
Glad I Did It But Will Not Repeat jaggerjack Ketamine 2017 Nov 02
Cleaning Listening and Eating jaggerjack 25B-NBOMe 2016 Apr 13
Jellyfish jaggerjack DOC 2020 Jun 07
Horrible Headache jaggerjack Cannabis 2019 May 01
Very Calm and Fun jaggerjack Cannabis (extract) 2019 Feb 23
Several Attempts With Varying Techniques jaggerjack DMT 2018 Aug 21
Not Worth It jaggerjack Kratom 2018 Feb 19
Colorful Beings Of Energy jaggerjack DMT 2017 Dec 07
Chilling In A Fog jaggerjack 2C-C & Cannabis 2012 Nov 20
A Great Drug jaggerjack Methylone & DPT 2012 Mar 13
Subtle and Pleasant jaggerjack bk-MDEA (Ethylone) 2012 Mar 12
Pleasant and Mild jaggerjack DPT 2011 Sep 21
Visuals But Not Much Else jaggerjack 4-HO-MPT 2011 Mar 02
Splitting Vision jaggerjack DMT & Salvia divinorum 2019 May 10

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