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Chilling In A Fog
2C-C & Cannabis
by jaggerjack
Citation:   jaggerjack. "Chilling In A Fog: An Experience with 2C-C & Cannabis (exp91229)". Nov 20, 2012.

T+ 0:00
55 mg oral 2C-C (capsule)
  T+ 1:45 0.17 g smoked Cannabis  


T+0.00 55 mg 2C-C in a gel capsule
T+1.45 1/6 g Cannabis smoked

Tonight was my first time for 2C-C. My friends had tried it at 40 mg the week before and told me it wasn’t particularly trippy but it was still enjoyable. M and I decided to step it up to the 55 mg level where we though we would have some pretty nice visuals. My only other experience with phens up to that point was 2C-I which kept me awake for a significantly longer time than I liked. I do have a decent amount of experience with tryptamines ranging from the common (shrooms and DMT) to the uncommon (4-HO-MPT and DPT). I heard 2C-C was almost sedating and was excited for what I thought to be a shallow and short trip.

M and I downed our caps around 7.30 and headed downtown on foot. The weather was incredibly eerie, some of the thickest fog we had ever seen. My stomach wasn’t feeling all that good to begin with so I was a bit worried about that.

After nearly 30 minutes we arrived at the lakefront and made out way to our ‘tripping beach.’ As we walked through the incredibly dense fog we felt raindrops and began to wonder what we were going to do. We considered going under a tree but quickly realized we were under a tree. After some thought we both came to the conclusion that the water was condensing on the leaves and dropping from them. We both appreciated this odd weather. As we continued walking my stomach felt began to feel very crappy. I either have IBS or lactose intolerance so I wasn’t exactly sure if it was the drug or whatever I have. About 45 minutes after dosing we made it to a park and sat down on the rocks facing the water. I was a bit chilly and slightly unsteady on my feet.

While discussing books and ancient American civilizations I noticed my vision was altered. Things were shifting around a bit. It was hard to tell exactly because of the fog hindering vision but I was confident the rock I was sitting on was swelling. The deep fog on the lake obscured my vision at about 25 feet and as I watched a bird flying in and out of view I realized I was developing slight tracers. It became very hard to tell where the bird actually was. Was the trace the real bird flowing in and out of the fog or was that just a figment of my imagination? Were there two? Or only one? I looked back at the street lights behind me, they twinkled as their after-images were formed. The fog created huge balls of light around them and the drugs turned these balls into stars. I was enjoying myself.

We got up to walk around and enjoyed the immense clear-headedness of this certainly not sober state. Saying hello to the people around us was fine. We were perhaps a tad spacier and slower in response times but it wasn’t a big issue. We walked around for about 30 minutes before returning to our original beach location to smoke a joint with approximately 0.3g of some pretty nice weed in it. This teeny joint changed everything. The world sparkled immensely, my body began to pulsate with pleasant waves of energy, and we were mentally in a bit of a fog.

It hit us about 5 minutes after we smoked the joint. As we were walking back to my house we saw a group of girls taking pictures. I personally wanted to follow them but M decided it was a bad idea. I thought we would have been able to come off as relatively normal. This may have been true initially but was certainly false as we continued walking. I had a hard time remembering much. I forgot where exactly we were and where we were walking. M misidentified a street. We lost our trains of thoughts and said silly meaningless things we thought were profound. These profound ideas popped out of the mental fog we were in yet they were still hard to say as our tongues just didn’t cooperate with our brains. This was immensely pleasurable. With every move of my body I pulsated with energy. M couldn’t stop walking at one point. We ventured towards my house.

As we arrived at my house I saw my mom walking the dogs and said hello. This interaction was fine. We got inside and went to my room to play some Audiosurf. My computer was acting up which was very frustrating but not a gigantic issue. The game came on and we were mesmerized. What ever we played was great even if we weren’t that great. We both had a hard time differentiating between some of the visual effects in the game and the effects of the drug. It was all-in-all great!

We talked a bit but still found it hard to continue a conversation. The game was no help. I got into a sentimental rut for a minute or two when I began thinking of how poor of a relationship I have with my father. I felt at a loss of what to do about it and sad because I realized it wouldn’t change. This passed when it was my turn to play again.

After a while we both began coming down, rapidly. Very rapidly. We came from pulsating energy, barely able to converse to chill, slight visuals, and able to talk in 5-10 minutes. It was startling how fast it was. We both came to the conclusion that our marijuana high probably wore off. At this point we still had the tracers but little in the way of overt breathing unless we looked at anything for a long time. The euphoric relaxation remained.

We spent the rest of the night eating some food and watching part of Blade Runner, one of my personal favorite movies.

2C-C is a fantastic psychedelic. By itself it offers visuals and a very lucid mindspace. It lacks stimulation which is a gigantic plus in my opinion. The trip is relatively short and I could sleep right after it. The body high is great, overall pleasant and no nausea. It isn’t at all pushy - it can be led. I can even interact with others on it. It has potential as a concert drug. What it is not: a mental trip. I didn't get anything deep out of this one (at least at that dose). It’s more recreational.

When combined with marijuana it becomes a friendly beast. While I felt supremely different, I don’t have to worry about losing myself. I feel like this will combine well with 4-AcO-DMT or DPT (lower doses). I believe it will increase the visuals without adding anything scary into the mix. Lastly, with nitrous...this has got to be fantastic.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91229
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 20, 2012Views: 4,155
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