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Overwhelming but Fantastic
2C-T-2 & Cannabis
Citation:   jaggerjack. "Overwhelming but Fantastic: An Experience with 2C-T-2 & Cannabis (exp94130)". Dec 21, 2011.

T+ 0:00
28 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I dosed 6 hours after eating a heavy lunch, which happened to be my only meal of the day, at 8.00 PM (T+0.00), putting me two hours behind schedule. The scheduled part was dictated by my desire to get to my girlfriends house somewhere between 2 and 4 in the morning. I had done 2C-T-2 once before at 20 mg and it wasn’t all that exciting, certainly less interesting than I expected from a chemical deemed one of Shulgin’s “Magical Half Dozen.” Overall I was pretty experienced with psychedelics, having over 50 experiences under my belt, around ten of which were with the 2C-x series. I should have had no psychedelic tolerance from my last trip nearly a month ago. My trip mates were AG, who was taking 70 mg 2C-C, AB, who was taking 60 mg 2C-C, and S, who was taking 110 mg 6-APB. They were all decently experienced with psychedelics but none of us had taken 6-APB before so S was taking the plunge for the group.

Immediately after dosing, which took place at my house, we left and walked in the cold rainy weather to a nearby park where we packed a bowl and smoked in the overhang of a building. We then returned the bowl to my car outside my house and continued on our way downtown. Going in to stash the bowl was undesirable because it would make it obvious to my parents what had just occurred. They would be up for a few hours and while I wanted to return to the shelter of my home at some point I wasn’t in the interacting mood (not that I was tripping at this point).

We trudged along in the weather and I was soon cold in my dampening hoodie. Other than the hoodie I had a thin white t-shirt, a decently warm hat, a sturdy pair of jeans, and some sneakers that wouldn’t keep much water out. Around T+0.30 I was feeling a bit iffy in my stomach and was noticing that streelights were significantly brighter and glowed liked flowers. I walked with increasing urgency through my hometown’s downtown area as I thought it would be grossly inappropriate (and gross) to start puking on the sidewalk. And for that matter it would draw unwanted attention from the few others out in the rain.

I stopped in AGs apartment complex to use the restroom. I found that while I wanted to both puke and poop I could not easily do either. I also found that I was tripping. Pretty hard. When I washed my hands the water in the sink bubbled as it when down the drain, the tiles warped and swirled, and my exit was hard to realize as the hallways bent. My mind was becoming more and more clouded and I almost didn’t make it out. Eventually I did and I reunited with my friends and we journeyed onward towards the lake. My visuals were very intense by now and I was having trouble communicating. Sometimes my thoughts got through, other times they didn’t even make sense in my head.

Once at the lake (T+1.00) we made our way to a small building and took on one side and cracked out the glowsticks. AG, AB, and S each got one and I took my arms out of my sleeves and hugged myself in my t-shirt, watching them twirl the sticks as rather strong tracers followed every move. It was at the point that if they were slowly rotated it looked like there was a disc of light. There was a paint splatter on the wall of the building and as I looked at it the pain dripped down to the ground and disappeared. These drips were surprisingly realistic and while I could tell they weren’t real I had to take a double take. The patter of rain began to sound very much like a helicopter, so much so, that I found myself looking up at the sky. Additionally my vision was frequently interrupted by flashes of colored light, most notably in the sky, but also in general shifts of color in my entire field. At one point I almost nearly puked, pushing down the urge as my stomach bubbled up. After then my stomach was calm for the remainder of the trip and I could settle into the comfortable body buzz warming my uncomfortably cold body.

We started walking south along the lake until we came to another building where we hung out for a few minutes. My mates walked onto the rocks but I was not confident that I wouldn’t slip and I didn’t move far. I could, quite simply, not see straight. I could, quite simply, not think straight. We walked back north again and I no longer recognized that path even though I had walked it many times before. I was confused at this but not worried for my friends were significantly more with it than I was. Our goal was a more sheltered area which we finally arrived at around T+2.00.

The others discussed what all they had been learning in college over the past semester while I tried to maintain my focus. I eventually just told them that I didn’t really get anything they had been saying and over winter break when we had more time we she again discuss all the cool stuff we had learned. I was frequently looking in the periphery of my vision, thinking that I had seen real movement. At one point the swaying horizontal lines from a bench morphed into a leash and a dog. After 30 or so minutes of shelter from the rain we started walking north again.

We soon came to a decision point, we could follow the lakefront path north onto a college campus or we could go west towards my house. I wanted to get to my house at exactly 11.30 (T+3.30), a time at which it would be unlikely to have any long conversations with my parents, and after a while managed to get this desire across to S. I should have known how long it took to walk home from. It was around then that I also made it clear to S that I really was mentally lost. Before I had just been repeating “I’m tripping really really hard,” but now I was able to communicate my lack of ability to communicate. S decided that we would go along the lakefront and we continued walking.

I was still having an immense blast, great feelings of euphoria, but I was having trouble telling the difference from the sky and the lake. I was afraid of closing my eyes because I thought I might stumble into the cold water, which certainly wouldn’t have been good in the slightest. The sky and lake were both lit up with sparkling lights as we continued walking. I soon had no idea where we were, for a second thinking I was at a hospital in a dream. I told AB I was lost and he asked in what way. I only replied “In every possible meaning of the word.” He tried explaining to me where we were but I didn’t get it. At one point I thought we were in a different part of town but for most of it I was just clueless. With my friends I wasn’t concerned but if I had gotten separated I would have most likely freaked the fuck out.

We made it out of campus and we had to decide to double back and take the lake route again or dive straight into downtown, heading towards my home. While everyone else knew that going around would take longer I opted to go downtown where the colorful lights were more abundant. We took another brief break sheltered from the rain and we tried to figure out what exactly to do. I still couldn’t really figure out what time it was but I wanted to start heading back home. We stood talking for ten minutes before I finally snapped back to reality and let my friends know that, while I wasn’t all back, I was no longer confused. We could head home. My friends and I talked about how this was significantly later in the trip than it was typical for me to have that moment where I realized I was back in control. Usually I don’t even lose control. On 15 mg 2C-E, 85 mg 2C-C, 2 mg DOC or anything else I’ve done (including my first few mushroom trips) I haven’t had this sense of loss of mental control.

Walking back towards my house I was quite euphoric and the prospect of getting changed into dry clothes was something I was greatly looking forward to. I was still saying silly things and still having some difficulty making decisions but I was in a much better place than the past two hours had put me in. As I was crossing a street, I felt a halting hand on my shoulder, heard a few “WOAHs” and saw a car turning left, narrowly missing me by 3 inches. While I knew that I had a walk signal I still asked my friends if it was my fault. It took some time for me to realize how close to getting hit I was.

We made it to my house and grabbed everything out of the car. My friends wanted to smoke and I was having trouble deciding what exactly to do. At first I considered going inside and waiting for them, then just letting them smoke on my back steps (it wasn’t late enough to risk that), and then finally we settled on all going into my garage. If it wasn’t my house and I wasn’t in charge then group decisions and processes would have been much quicker. Once inside the garage they packed a bowl. I passed as I was still tripping pretty hard. I was still seeing flashes of colored lights and everything was moving. We got inside at T+3.45 and everyone came into my room while we set stuff down. I tried to tell my friends to be quiet but they thought I was kicking them out of my room so I quickly changed and walked downstairs.

It was hard for me to actually do things. I was holding a shirt which I wanted to put on but I couldn’t get myself to put it on. Similarly we were waiting in the kitchen because I wanted to get water and food but I just wasn’t getting it. I told them I wanted to get food and still didn’t make a move to grab it. Oddly enough all of my friends looked incredibly bulky and small headed. I realized that there coatless bodies were filling the same amount of space as when they had their coats on which, while weird and interesting, made them look ripped.

Around T+4.30 AB took charge of the group and we went upstairs to watch “Dirty Pictures,” a documentary about Alexander Shulgin (of note: why did they pick a 3,4-methylenedioxy-2,5-dimethoxy-phenylsomething for the cover art?). I finally texted my girlfriend SC and let her know that there was no way in hell I would be driving myself over to her house in the next four hours (or six for that matter). I felt really bad about letting her know I might be late but this was rectified when AG let me know he could drive me over there after the movie ended.

The movie was enjoyable and, for me, easy to follow (at least easier than the others). It was great getting to see all the characters I had only read about before. Besides Shulgin it had Dr. David Nichol’s and a few other folks. We all thought it was fitting that we watch this movie since we were experiencing Shulgin’s creations (I believe 6-APB was one of Shulgin’s as well but that could be wrong). I was still getting tracers, to the point that medium speed objects on screen tracked out. As my trip came down I was overcome by strong MDMA like effects that made me stretch and rub my feet and hands everywhere. I wanted to hug and kiss my girlfriend and was very much looking forward to getting to see her. I sat basking in a warm body buzz in awe of the movie we were watching. Towards the end (T+6.30) of the movie this feeling had subsided, although it still felt pretty good to move around.

I went downstairs packed all my stuff up and brushed my teeth. I also finally was able to go to the bathroom. I still had tracers when I waved my hands and surfaces moved a bit but I wouldn’t say I was tripping anymore. AG drove me to SC’s house. Inside her house I noticed some flickering of colors in my vision and had some odd thoughts but was otherwise relatively sober, although not good to drive because of visual light effects and a desire to not push my luck. Tactile things didn’t feel particularly different (if at all) and sex wasn’t any better than usual. I couldn’t really fall asleep although I wasn’t trying hard. I eventually managed to at T+10.00 and slept for a few hours before being awoken by SC’s mom for breakfast. I managed to get through the next day without too much sleep and felt fine albeit a bit sore.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94130
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 21, 2011Views: 11,478
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Cannabis (1), 2C-T-2 (53) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), General (1)

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