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Myron Stolaroff and Albert Hofmann
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About The Stolaroff Collection
In 1960, Myron Stolaroff founded the International Foundation for Advanced Study (IFAS) in Menlo Park, conducting clinical investigations administering carbogen, LSD, or mescaline to hundreds of subjects. In 1965, the FDA began to revoke permits for human studies with psychedelics, forcing the conclusion of this research. Between 1970 and 1986, Myron conducted additional personal studies using unscheduled compounds; however, this work was stopped too, with the passage of the Controlled Substance Analogue Act of 1986. An active public speaker and champion of psychedelics, Myron has served on the Board of Directors of the Albert Hofmann Foundation, as a consultant to the Heffter Research Institute, and on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics.

Erowid has completed the scanning of Myron's vast treasure trove of letters, writings, ephemera, and audio recordings related to his research into the effects of psychoactive drugs on human consciousness, in order to prepare them for publication online. We need targeted funding to continue sorting and cataloging this archive, so that we can make it available to the world. Please consider making a contribution to the Stolaroff Collection project!