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Gifts: Huichol Yarn Paintings
Including Ltd Ed, Signed & Numbered
Erowid offers Huichol yarn paintings/art as thank-you gifts for contributors. Check the descriptions for more details about condition, limited edition status, and signatures. As of December 2018, all the yarn art is purchased from a confirmed distributor of Huichol-culture artists from the Zitakua area of Mexico.

See more details about these vivid, vibrant traditional yarn paintings.

Huichol Yarn Paintings
$250 Peyote w/ Lightning and Fire (8"), by Norma C. Carrillo    (1 left)
Huichol yarn painting from Nayarit area of Mexico. 7.9 x 7.9" (20 x 20 cm), yarn on wood. For preservation this should be framed. Description on back.

Imagery: The gods will bless the peyote in order to imbue it with power and wisdom that will be consumed by the shaman.