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Make A Payment or Donation to Erowid's DrugsData Project
Support Laboratory Drug Checking / Analysis

If you are making a Payment for lab analysis, please see the DrugsData Sample Submission Page and the DrugsData FAQ The cost of analysis is $100, $150, or $200 depending on the sample type.

Each analysis costs Erowid Center $175 in external lab costs, plus staff time for processing and publishing results. Due to budget limitations, co-payments are required with most submitted samples.

Donations of any size are also welcome. Your support will help Erowid continue its efforts to:
  • Anonymously analyze recreational and psychoactive drugs including ecstasy/molly tablets, novel psychoactive substances (NPS), and opioids
  • Collect data about how these psychoactive drugs are represented
  • Make laboratory test results available to the public
Erowid's DrugsData lab drug checking project costs $125,000 per year for testing of samples submitted by the public. This is for testing approximately 65 samples per month, with co-pays covering some of the testing costs. We could test more samples and provide a much greater harm reduction impact with more funding. If you are a fundraiser or grant writer, we need your help to find funding for this project. Please email

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