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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What are the differences between AMT and AMT methanesulfonate? Market Troll Aug 5 2011
Does guaifenesin affect fertility? Jill Dec 8 2010
Is vaginal administration of LSD effective? Mary Cane Nov 26 2009
Can salvia extract smoked with cannabis cause chest pains? LaUdaNuM Nov 12 2009
Can drinking GBL cause a sore throat? Corecontax Oct 30 2009
Do magic mushrooms make your brain bleed? lgfjd Mar 12 2009
Are MAOIs dangerous in combination with some Trichocereus cacti? moimeme Jun 24 2005
I had a bad trip 6 years ago and have had lasting anxiety attacks, can you help? olga Jun 17 2004
Why do people's lips sometimes turn blue when they do nitrous oxide? Anonymous May 10 2003
Has Halcion (Triazolam) been taken off the market due to health concerns? kane Feb 25 2003
What is the LD-50 of cocaine? Talon Feb 12 2003
What is "serotonin syndrome"? SciBoy Nov 7 2002
Are there psychoactive drugs which are dangerous to take if I have a G6PD enz... shaman_anarchist Nov 30 2001
Can psychedelics cure allergies? gene Nov 8 2001
Is Candy Flipping more dangerous than MDMA use alone? Anonymous Oct 30 2001
What are the dangers of giving my dog Ecstasy? Cory Oct 16 2001
Could cocaine be used to stabilize a difficult LSD experience? m@x Sep 20 2001
Did mushrooms cause my seizures? IrieShark Sep 18 2001
Why do I salivate so much after I take Ecstasy? Carmen Sep 8 2001
I took 38 codeine pills last night and now my hearing is really muffled. What... Icelander Aug 7 2001
How common are visual disturbances after frequent psychoactive use? Barnes Aug 7 2001
What is in computer duster? Duster Apr 9 2001
Is LSD dangerous with Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome? Cyrax6 Mar 20 2001
I'm still having effects 9 days after I took 2C-T-7, what can I do? DXMdog Feb 27 2001
How harmful is 2C-T-7 compared to LSD? Should I Feb 22 2001
'Is automotive nitrous oxide safe for human use?' jungledog Feb 19 2001
'Is it safe to smoke marijuana vaginally?' KingPluker Feb 17 2001
'Can the liver heal from acetaminophen damage?' wondering Feb 8 2001
'How would 2C-T-7 affect someone with diabetes?' Byron Jones Feb 8 2001
'Can mushrooms give you "Olney's Lesions"?' dave Feb 6 2001
'How much Ecstasy is too much?' Ari Jan 21 2001
What is to be done about an Erowid addict? Destiny Jan 5 2001
'Are there any serious concerns about allergic responses to mushrooms?' iwrk4satan Dec 9 2000
'Which is worse for your body, ketamine or cocaine?' masa Dec 8 2000
Should I be concerned about addiction if I'm taking 2 vicodins a day for a he... worried Nov 30 2000
How can you tell that a solvent is safe to use for extractions? Santiago Clark Nov 30 2000
Has LSD/acid ever killed some one from the direct effects? Luke Powell Nov 9 2000
'What are the effects, health concerns, and duration of high-dose acid trips?' jason Oct 31 2000
'What is the THC content of seeds and stems, and why do people remove them be... jeff Oct 2 2000
'What emergency room treatments are used for Datura overdoses?' Concerned Sep 28 2000
'How risky is MDMA use for someone who has heart palpitations.' Jason Sep 19 2000
'Can codeine sulfate be safely snorted? ' Josh Aug 22 2000
Is it harmful to smoke cannabis habitually? M.H. Aug 21 2000
'What is the healthiest way to smoke marijuana?' Bigdood Jul 17 2000
What are the dangers of 'chalk'? Sean Apr 10 2000
'What medications can be used to prevent the nausea caused by many entheogens?' DBJR Apr 9 2000
'When I smoke Cannabis my hands get numb. Any ideas why?' HQ Jan 5 2000
Is Coricidin Hpf harmful to use? James Sep 22 1999
Does psiloc(yb)in cause any physical damage, particularly to the cerebral spi... greg Sep 17 1999
'Does Ecstasy cause brain damage?' Anonymous Aug 9 1999
What are the negative effects of GHB use? Leslie Edmondson Jun 5 1999
'Help, I'm experiencing symptoms from LSD or cannabis used more than 4 months... Jem Clancy May 26 1999

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