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How harmful is 2C-T-7 compared to LSD?
Q: My friend recently told me about this new cool drug 2ct7. Being me i have conducted immense research about this drug. This time research has left me quite confused about what i should do. My friend has not tried it but says he can buy it in pure form from a wholesale company. i have only tried shrooms but i want to try something that will give crazy visuals. i do not want to do LSD because it is very harmful to the body / all i have heard are bad things about please

A: If you're worried about the risks of LSD, you should definitely be worried about 2C-T-7. LSD has been used recreationally for nearly 40 years and has been studied extensively. There is no evidence that, when taken at normal 20-500 microgram doses, LSD causes any direct risk of death, neurotoxicity, or serious physical harm. The primary risks of LSD (as with many psychedelics) are psychological, not physical...severe panic reactions, HPPD/PTSD (hallucinogen post perceptual disorder / post-traumatic stress disorder), or the triggering of a psychotic event in susceptible individuals. Please see our LSD Dose Summary page for information about the risks of radical overdoses of LSD.

2C-T-7 is a VERY experimental drug which has a short history and has not been formally studied either in animals or humans to determine whether there are significant physical or mental risks associated with its use. There seem to be some pretty severe adverse reactions to 2C-T-7, especially at higher doses, including one report of a death. Just because a substance is "legal" doesn't mean that it is safe.

Asked By : Should I
Answered By : fire/murple
Edited By : earth
Published Date : 2 / 22 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 2 / 20 / 2009
Question ID : 2350

Categories: [ Health ] [ 2C-T-7 ]

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