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Q: What is my fate if my boyfriend swears by Erowid more than he swears by me? How does the girl part of the relationship turn out when the man is obsessed with Erowid? I like Erowid too, but he would die for it, and I come in a far second. Where is the balance? Please help.

A: Well, any addiction is something that must be acknowledged, accepted, and dealt with accordingly. While being an information junkie is not nearly as bad physically as other things, it can certainly affect your physical and social state. One may become engrossed in computer and/or book research to the point that one ignores one's physical health and allows it to deteriorate. One may find an increase in weight from lack of exercise, shallowing of the eyes, an aversion to natural light (for better screen contrast), and a decrease in general hygeine. This can have a direct effect on one's social life. Online friends become more important than real-life friends, your friends and loved ones find your phone busy when they try to call, and see you often wandering off to the computer instead of conversing with them. Apathy, alienation, and elitism set in. One thinks one _needs_ to be kept up to date with all things important and current. It can be a sad, sorry, state.

However, as with all drugs and/or addictions, one needs to know your drug, know your source, and know yourself. By obtaining a more pure, concentrated form of the internet, such as DSL or Cable connection, one certainly risks more time spent on it, but also frees up phone lines for social contact and support. By accepting that online time can sacrifice time with those around you and by knowing your limits as to when its research and when its just zoning out in front of another box, one may be able to find balance between the two. Take it from an information junkie, dont succumb to information addiction. Know how to use your information well, and it will treat you well. Take it lightly, and the information bitch goddess will have you wrapped around her finger.

For all that it's good, Erowid isn't the universe. I suggest that you think about what fascinates him so, and be that for the other 99.44\% of his life. With your help, he may get through this.

Oh, and if your boyfriend loves Erowid so much, please ask him to donate. Thanks!



Asked By : Destiny
Answered By : psilo
Published Date : 1 / 5 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 8 / 25 / 2004
Question ID : 1647

Categories: [ Erowid ] [ Health ]

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