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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What does 'parachuting' a drug mean? anonymous Aug 8 2012
What is in the "cough syrup" that is associated with hip-hop culture? Jon Feb 22 2006
Is Yerba mate spelled with or without an accent on the e [maté]? David Jul 20 2005
Is there a pill called "dalotta" (dilaudid)? VANESSA Oct 27 2002
what is yopo? and where can i find information on it? soylent green Oct 27 2002
Does "Moonflower" refer to Morning Glory or to Datura? Scruffy J Oct 24 2002
What does it mean for an Ecstasy tablet to be "heroin based"? Damug Apr 13 2002
What is "Pervitin"? Anonymous Mar 20 2002
What is "Methedrine" Anonymous Mar 20 2002
What is "point"? ...fff... Nov 29 2001
What is a "zanbar"? NovaGirl Nov 8 2001
What does the term "rolling face" mean? MR Aug 7 2001
What is "body load"? Anonymous Jul 17 2001
What is "A2"? PseudoGoth Mar 7 2001
'What does the slang term 'Beautiful' refer to?' jreno Jan 29 2001
'Some confusion about 'Glass', Amphetamines, and 4-methylaminorex.' The Mole Jan 21 2001
'What are "Ludes"?' Darkintelligence Jan 8 2001
'What is glass?' sweepstakes Jan 8 2001
What is "Molly"? Mr. Magoo Jan 6 2001
What are "Yellow Jackets"? godof Jan 2 2001
What are "Red Abbots" and "Green Abbots"? Kyle Dec 14 2000

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