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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Is it a problem to take MDMA 36 hours before general anesthesia? Venarian Feb 2 2011
What is in a tablet marked "Endo/602"? Endo 602 Sep 4 2004
Will Mirtazapine taken regularly reduce the effects of hallucinogens? Trasig Feb 10 2004
What can you tell me about Focalin? Monouk Nov 16 2003
How much amphetamine is in a tablet marked "alza 36"? vermin Apr 19 2003
Has Halcion (Triazolam) been taken off the market due to health concerns? kane Feb 25 2003
What is the difference between Wellbutrin and Bupropion? steve Aug 1 2002
What is "Soma": an ancient plant, muscle relaxant, fictional drug? Chris Feb 25 2002
Are my antique drugs still good? Bilbo LaGrange Nov 30 2001
What is a "zanbar"? NovaGirl Nov 8 2001
Can Tramadol cause a positive on a urinalysis? tox Nov 8 2001
Can taking Adderall show up on a drug test? Jeff Nov 7 2001
What are the effects of Amoxicillin? Mr. Curiosity Sep 25 2001
What's the difference between oxycodone in percocet v.s. oxycontin? B-funk Sep 25 2001
I took 38 codeine pills last night and now my hearing is really muffled. What... Icelander Aug 7 2001
Do painkillers show up on drug tests? 123weed Jul 23 2001
Will Prozac potentiate oral DMT? (The Difference between MAOIs and SSRIs) Ztex Jul 7 2001
What is the policy of bringing Schedule 2 substances into the US through cust... j Jun 7 2001
What is Lithium and what does it do? Joint Apr 16 2001
What is a TCA? Mother Apr 11 2001
Is it safe to snort xanax pills? MrYuk Mar 25 2001
What are the dangers of a promethazine/codeine mixture? NeonSoul Mar 20 2001
'What are the effects of nitroglycerin and amitryptaline?' Adam Feb 20 2001
Should I be concerned about addiction if I'm taking 2 vicodins a day for a he... worried Nov 30 2000
'What are the dangers of smoking Zoloft, or any other pill?' IBsmoker Oct 9 2000
'Can codeine sulfate be safely snorted? ' Josh Aug 22 2000
'Do you have any information about IFA-Norex, a weight loss medication?' Kristin May 22 2000
'What is the generic name for Desoxyn, and what does it contain?' Mary Apr 14 2000
Is Toradol (Ketorolac) similar to Ketamine? Tori Mar 30 2000
'Can codeine phosphate be injected into the vein (IV)?' cramur Feb 15 2000
'How can I inject valium tablets?' motley Jan 30 2000
I'm considering taking Zyban (bupropion) to stop smoking. Do you know anythi... Valder Jan 11 2000
'What are the effects of recreational use of lorazepam?' anon Jun 20 1999
Can I take Zyban (buproprion SR) with OTC stimulants? claude Jun 6 1999

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