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Health Problems [17]
RecommendedExcessive Cannabinoid AgonismSpacedOUTonSPICESpice & AM-2201Dec 2 2012
RecommendedThrough Many PhasesSupersaurJWH-018Jul 24 2010
RecommendedMore Potent than Mary JaneDude 5ht2cSpice Product ('Diamond')Mar 9 2009
Playing With FireExdrugaddictSpiceDec 16 2013
Bad EffectsJWH CAUTIONProducts - Spice and Synthetic CannabinoidsFeb 26 2011
Next-Night SeizuresSteveProducts - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Apocalypse'?) Feb 3 2011
A Trip Worse Than HellInoxiaSpice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Bonzai')Oct 13 2010
I Died and Came Back, My Life Forever ChangedDonna JProducts - Synthetic Cannabinoids (K2)Aug 30 2016
Sugar and Spice and Everything...?psyonic-oneSpice & Synthetic CannabinoidsSep 13 2013
Should've Called Poison Control BroilovethagreeneryProducts - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Diamond Dove') & AlcoholJan 6 2012
Never AgainEvilpoptartProducts - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Smiley Dog')Jan 15 2011
Non-Allergic Adverse ReactionBoss LokSpice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Drill')Oct 12 2010
Geat High.. Terrifying TachycardiaBongRippertonProducts - Spice and Synthetic CannabinoidsJul 22 2010
Very Bad for My LungsPottySmoking Blends ('Spice, Mojo, Jah Rush, etc.')Jun 28 2009
I Would Find Myself Short of BreathBlahSpiceAug 30 2017
Extreme Nausea, IncoherentTJWH-018Oct 12 2010
Not So KindGraetzSpice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (Happy Shaman Kind Spice)Oct 13 2010

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