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Extreme Nausea, Incoherent
by T
Citation:   T. "Extreme Nausea, Incoherent: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp84443)". Erowid.org. Oct 12, 2010. erowid.org/exp/84443

  smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


After an event that occurred several months before this experience I was forced to quit smoking weed because of random tests. I had heard of the spice product before but never tried it, I once knew a friend who smoked it while he was on probation but I also understood it was expensive to buy at headshops and must be smoked sparingly. So when I was facing the same situation my friend faced, I chose the same route, smoking legal bud known as 'spice' I grabbed my first bag the next day... A 45 minute drive from home. Spice diamond. It was legit, it got me high But for the 75$ price tag it was not nearly worth it.

Then I came upon the amazing world of internet rcs. I searched for weeks for a reliable vendor, I wanted to make sure I would get my money's worth. I finally found one. Reasonable price, so I ordered a gram of the white powder. When I received it, it was awesome, I could smoke a little bit and get high. One thing I definitely noticed about The high is that it was very short-lived and I would acquire a large tolerance by the end of the day if I smoked it like how I use to smoke weed. (2-3mg 6-7 times a day with no tolerance). But one little mistake would put me in one of the worst situations in my life.

(6:00 PM): I have been smoking JWH-018 all day and have quite a large tolerence, after smoking three small bowls that use to get me high, didnt. I was frustrated, nothing but a buzz and I was going throw my product faster. I said fuck it, and poured a fat bowl that was decent sized from my view, but turned out to be several MG over. I smoked the bowl and some of the resin after. (6:05 PM): Immediately after in 5 minutes I was unbeleivably high, it was awesome, after not getting high all day and finally smoking that made me feel great, until I suddenly realized I would soon go on a roller coaster of a trip.

(6:10 PM): I suddenly realized a drunken feeling overpowering me, I knew I was fucked up and it didnít feel like any other drug. I consider my self to be semi-knowledgeable about drugs and I have a fair amount of experience with a select few including Roxycodone for several months almost a year, I have taken LSD several times, but this feeling felt alot different than the normal high from the product.

(6:30 PM): I remember telling my self its just weed, calm down, pick yourself up before your mother comes home, its just weed. I was having trouble concentrating and keeping my eyes open. I made sure to put eye drops in next, and this is where I truly realized How fucked I was. As I get out of bed I lose my balance and force myself to grab the bookcase. I couldnt stand without holding on, I felt extremely dizzy and disoriented. But I had a goal, after mentally preparing myself I slowly wobbled over to the bathroom and secured the eyedrops In my medicine cabinet. After standing for several moments I began to realize the extreme nausea that was coming over me. I had to shit, and puke. I squatted on the toilet but could not stool. It was frustrating. My mom would be coming home in 30 mins and I knew if I didnt come down soon that I would be in big trouble. My next mission: get to my bed. It took almost 5 minutes of slow moving. It was aggravating and I couldnt keep a train of thought. I recalled the short duration of this drug from previous experiences and hoped I would come down by the time my mom came home. I sat in my bed, under the covers waiting for them to come and face me, overdosed on god knows what.

(6:45 PM): After sitting in bed I had extreme nausea and started to throw up, I threw up a little in my mouth and quickly rushed to the sink. I puked for about a minute straight and felt better. A little less high which was a relief but still very dizzy.
It felt like a bad case of the spins that I get when I smoke and drink a lot in combination. I crawled back to bed.

(7:00 PM): My mom comes home and finds me incoherent. This part is honestly a blur to me I just remember zoning back in and hearing 'Comon T, we have to get up and go to the hospital.' I immediately reply no realizing what is going on around me. I was stubborn, I wouldnt go. I was half-way sober at this point and I was convinced I could stay and wait it out and in 30 minutes I would feel not high. They didnt beleive me, I thought I was making sense but apparently I was slurring. I walk out to her car after lots of argument. I drive to a nearby Liqueor store and load up in an Ambulance.

The paramedics were obnoxious, asking me awkward questions, I was coherent at this part and trying to make him aware of it. He would not take it. I would ask
Questions like 'I feel fine why do I have to go' the only answers I received were threats of if I dont tell them what I took. I shortly arrive at the hospital where they ran a series of tests and asked me questions about what I took. I swore to them it was just weed however they wouldnt believe me due to my eyes being dilated, etc. I remember them asking for a piss test to see what was in my urine. I wanted to pee in that cup so bad and prove them wrong But I couldnt, I drank 5 cups of water and nothing, They threatened me to pee or I would have a catheter put in. I couldnt pee.
The next 5 mins was some of the worst pain I had endured ever in my life and wish never too. I dont remember much after this, It was aproximately 10 PM and after
that I passed out from the pain.

(12:00 AM) I awake at the hospital with my mom, I was sober now, looking around. I needed to pee now, which did not help me out. I peed, it was horrible, the pain
was excruciating. After leaving we go home and I go to sleep.

JWH-018 is a powerful drug and is good when used responsibly. My message of this story is for people to be more careful when dealing with These RC's and dont take too much, even though other than the hospital it was an awesome high and I proceeded to smoke it the next morning and continue to smoke it until I can smoke the herb.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 84443
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Oct 12, 2010Views: 8,802
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