Iboga Alkaloid Group Reports - First Times
First Times
(30 Total)

Highly Recommended Seeking Soul Marz Iboga 2015 Mar 01
Highly Recommended Spectacular, Sacramental Meeting Bjorn C. Ibogaine 2015 Jan 26
Highly Recommended Growing Up Pandora Spice Tabernanthe iboga (root bark) 2011 Mar 01
Highly Recommended Found the 'On' Switch in My Soul allotrope Ibogaine 2007 Jan 12
Recommended First Flood Jerry H Tabernanthe iboga (root bark) 2018 Jun 04
Recommended Sub-Flood Does Good Man_from_Chan-Chan Tabernanthe iboga (TPA HCl) 2015 Aug 03
Recommended A Psycho-Spiritual Experience KBF Ibogaine 2009 Feb 23
Recommended Pyramidal Energetic Exchange Len Tabernanthe iboga 2005 Jun 24
Recommended Mirrored Worlds Peter Tabernanthe iboga 2001 Sep 14
Subtle but Useful Umberto Tabernanthe iboga (root bark) 2014 Dec 05
Curing of Bipolar Disorder Daniel Tabernanthe iboga (Total Alkaloid extract & root bark) 2013 Jan 21
A Guided Ibogaine Experience D.L., NV Ibogaine 2009 Jul 08
Scratching the Surface Sugoi Ibogaine 2003 Aug 25
Lessons From the Sacred Wood SacralChakra Tabernanthe iboga 2020 Nov 04
Severely Depressed Due to Long-Term Reasons Adam3 Tabernanthe iboga (extract) 2020 Jul 21
Ancestral Recall Josh K. Ibogaine 2018 Mar 04
My Spiritual Journey BwitiVic Tabernanthe iboga 2017 Dec 13
Elation in Tea whitetrinity Tabernaemontana sananho 2016 Oct 15
Good for Me but Not a Good Experience Rodime Tabernanthe iboga (Root Bark Capsules) 2015 Aug 12
Test Dose for Personal Growth Jake Ibogaine 2014 Jan 20
PTSD - The Quieted Rage D.M. Smith Ibogaine 2013 Jan 21
Natural Ecstasy Alex Tabernanthe iboga 2008 Dec 09
All Natural Detox Adolfo Tabernanthe iboga 2007 Oct 01
Beware Heart Effects Kevin Tabernanthe iboga (whole root powder) 2005 Jul 28
In the Arms of the Uncontrolled Caspar Ibogaine 2002 Aug 01
A Gift of Freedom Linda Kay Scott Ibogaine 2000 Jun 19
Planting the Seed Myster Tabernanthe iboga (TA extract) 2018 May 18
Not a Miracle Cure Semi Scam... slavior Ibogaine 2016 Sep 08
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe Jimbo Tabernanthe iboga 2010 Apr 26
Beautiful but not Easy Zonkermon Ibogaine 2006 Dec 13

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