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My Spiritual Journey
Tabernanthe iboga
Citation:   BwitiVic. "My Spiritual Journey: An Experience with Tabernanthe iboga (exp106288)". Dec 13, 2017.

  repeated oral Tabernanthe iboga (roots)
My experience was over a week ago, and I wanted to wait to give a good assessment. As I write this, my life is still being changed by the Iboga Root. I must first give so much thanks and appreciation to the facilitators who made this journey possible. I followed the instructions they sent to me, and I would suggest that anyone going through this journey follow instructions carefully as they make a better experience. I also made sure I let them know of my travel plans and how I would arrive at the center. I stayed at a local hotel and was picked up by one of them on afternoon of the ceremony. It was not difficult city to reach and the train is a pleasant ride.

We arrived at their beautiful house, I must add, I was impressed with the location, the house and the vibe I received in the house. There was a peaceful feeling when going into the house. There is also a peaceful feeling coming from the faciliators [Dean and Flora], they make me feel welcomed. We were told to consider this house our house and they made us feel this way.

I knew “some” of my intentions upon arriving at the ceremony, but I must also say that even with the warmth of the faciliators and the house. I was still nervous, unsure, and fearful. I had an empty hole of the unknown and what the outcome would be. When everyone arrived (9 People), we all sat around and got to know each other and each other’s intentions. I felt better after meeting everyone, and felt like I was not doing this alone. Flora, gave an overview of the Bwiti people, the Iboga root, the future of the root and the forest areas of Gabon. After the meet and greet, we went for a walk and was able to talk more as well as talk about our concerns.

Once we returned the ceremony began. We changed our clothes and prepared for the ceremony. We were given our first serving of Iboga Root and each went to our places to begin our journeys.

After my second serving, I noticed a difference in my body and mind, I heard the slight buzz and felt a vibration on my skin. I then began to see some visuals; I believe the first thing was some sort of space ship. After the third serving, I began to see more visuals, some were movies like on a small screen. I had to go to the bathroom, and felt that my mind and body were somewhat disconnected as if and I can only describe it as if I was a extension of something else. Dean took me to the bathroom because I could not walk correctly. I was able to go to the bathroom without issue, and returned to my couch. I had more visuals.

In the morning, we moved to beds upstairs and this is where the learning began, after another serving, I began to go over things in my life as well as visions. I covered some things with my mother, which was pivotal. I did not know I had this resentment against my mother from an incident that happen when I was a teenager. I was shown the issue from her side and understood why. I saw what I believe to be was past lives, I asked what did I fear and was shown my greatest fear being myself. I wanted to know if I should marry the woman in my life and the Iboga root broke it down so simply that to this day it brings tears to my eyes. The Iboga Root is kind, gentle but can also be blatant and crystal honest.

One of the things that I kept seeing was lights moving very fast going forward
One of the things that I kept seeing was lights moving very fast going forward
, I also felt I was one of those lights, as during an experiment, I attempted to move with the lights and could see and feel the movement. I'm not sure of what that was, but I felt I was looking at a God thing.

There was more in my journey but the things I listed were the most important at this time. My journey ended with more visuals, some with my eyes wide open, as if I saw the world as it really was. Late afternoon we were given a delicious meal, so so so good. Flora and Dean are optimal, host, giving 5 star treatment. I was able to discuss my issues with them I cried on Flora's shoulder and she gave me nurture and understanding. These people are some of the best people I have ever met. On the day of our departure, they made sure everyone had a way home and that we were OK.

Now a week after the journey, I have energy, I can truly for the first time in a long time feel love. I love to be around other people. I am more relaxed, I am able to concentrate and focus. I am honest with others and myself. I think things out much better than before. Fear has been diminished, I am not afraid of life, and I welcome experiences. I welcome experiences in this experience. I know what this is.

I must add this; I told the two facilitators that I would not be doing the ceremony again. But after coming home and going over my journey. I realize that my ego inhibited some of my journey. I will have to do another journey in a year or so. I must also be honest, this is not an easy journey, it can be very difficult. But the spirit, our true selves want this, we are able to see who we are, briefly but we have that small opportunity.

[Names have been changed]

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106288
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 55
Published: Dec 13, 2017Views: 2,040
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