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Planting the Seed
Tabernanthe iboga (TA extract)
Citation:   Myster. "Planting the Seed: An Experience with Tabernanthe iboga (TA extract) (exp101083)". May 18, 2018.

80 mg oral Tabernanthe iboga (extract)
I have been planning a trip already some time ago. I have taken 2 weeks off work, bought a table to set an altar. Drew mandalas and sticked them to wall. I will have flowers and maybe some other things/tools.

I wanted to do a taste dose and poured Ibogaine extract into Tibetan singing bowl to cleanse it. I have round table where the surface is made out of glass. I lighted three candles which were placed in a form of triangle as a symbol of God/trinity. White sage also was present as a cleanser. I laid out one random tarot card called 'Star' and this for me was a symbol of being between two - Conscious and unconscious. I had some crystals and water in a small bowl for attracting the negative energy into them as I express it, so that it doesn't go all over the house. I did it alone.

I poured Ibogaine into gel cap and swallowed it. After 15 minutes I was sitting in bed, I noticed some vision changes. The contours were changing, but slightly. I understood, Ibogaine started to take a place. My heart started to race and I wanted to stop it, but I knew, only thing I could do was to concentrate on my breath. I didn't know how strong the dose was for me and I was afraid of how far Iboga would take me. So the breath kinda settled down the heart. I were sitting in a meditation pose and felt like I was higher than my body. (Sometimes in meditation it happens.)

Then I laid down and it felt like I was going into alpha dream state, the one I used to experience when driving by bus and feel sleepy and am kinda asleep, but still can come out at the next stop. I started to think about things/relations as I used to, but it was little bit more with detail. I understood how negativity was projected, by looking from other peoples perspective.

Example: Before I felt that in my spiritual path is standing my ex-friend's girlfriend. I thought that she is problem, but never really knew why. From her perspective I was a problem, because I was standing between her and her boyfriend. So she projected that negativity on me and that is why I thought she is a problem. She is a problem no more. I know, when she comes up on my mind, I just need to pay attention and that is it. Just watch. In a process I was laughing and yawning and that means I am expressing things. That is good.

When I didn't move for a while, it felt like I was drifting deeper into dream state. I wanted to go with flow, but it was, as I mentioned, a taste dose. I didn't have visuals, but at some point it felt like something was exploding at my eyesight in two directions like fireworks. That night I had nice dreams :)

Next day I was feeling more when I touched things, my hands, head. I was feeling also with heart. Other night I went to the park and it was wet after the rain. I hugged trees. I was going naked foot through the grass and it felt very good. I felt, that earth is warm. I felt earth and how I was connected to the plane/earth. I was like an extension of earth. Also I meditated on extending my roots deeper into ground.

Well, I am more aware of myself. And it is interesting, that after Ayahuasca I am more aware of outside, but after Iboga, on myself.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 101083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: May 18, 2018Views: 1,232
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Tabernanthe iboga (200) : Alone (16), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Personal Preparation (45), First Times (2)

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