DiPT Reports - Combinations
(21 Total)

Recommended Fusion Diode DiPT & DMT 2019 Mar 29
Recommended The Founding Of A New Religion Eilyfe DiPT & 4-HO-MET 2014 Jul 10
Recommended Magnificently Perplexed Luke DiPT, 4-AcO-DET & Absinthe 2004 Jan 06
Recommended Noticable Differences In Music and Sounds Napoleon 5-MeO-DiPT & DiPT 2002 Feb 14
Souls Tuner Karcinogenious LSD, Cannabis & DIPT 2021 Jan 20
An Enlightening Threshold Goddess Mode DiPT & Cannabis 2019 Apr 11
Technological Trip Prozak DiPT 2006 Jul 17
My Possessions Are Links on My Comfort Chain Lucidistortions DiPT & DXM 2006 Jul 14
Through the Ears of a Psychedelic-Virgin Harri Seldon DiPT 2020 Jul 16
Mentally Blown for 24 Hours Unformed DiPT & Cacti (San Pedro) 2008 Jan 16
Interesting. caw DiPT & Methylone 2005 Nov 03
'This Isn't Right' Squirel DXM & DiPT 2004 Nov 03
Bird Chirping Overtones Flying Hamster DiPT & Cannabis 2004 Jul 05
More Tripping & Revelations Borkhane DiPT 2003 Sep 05
Cloudland into Dreamtime Turns - Tryps on Tour DINGO AMT, DPT, DiPT, & 5-MeO-DiPT 2003 Aug 07
Unexpected Call Catfish Rivers DPT, DiPT, GBL, Cannabis, & Wormwood extract 2003 Jan 04
Gritty Music and Lots of Eye Candy Brad 4-AcO-DMT & DiPT 2019 Feb 09
Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks Mac Salvia divinorum (10x extract), DiPT, Cannabis & Alcohol 2004 Jul 23
Benificial as a Booster Morninggloryseed DiPT & MiPT 2003 Aug 25
The Blind Fox Pyrotix DiPT & Cannabis 2003 Apr 25
I Missed Christmas Because of Drugs chigz DiPT & DXM 2002 Feb 14

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