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Citation:   Diode. "Fusion: An Experience with DiPT & DMT (exp102952)". Mar 29, 2019.

T+ 0:00
45 mg oral DiPT (capsule)
  T+ 3:30 22 mg vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
I took the DiPT on an almost empty stomach and followed with a light meal. Despite this the onset of the chemical only began at the 1:00 mark in contrast to a previous trial where the effects had been evident within the first 1/2 hour and fairly developed by 1:00. I also have to say that the comeup of this dose was far more noticeable than my previous 30mg which really crept up on me. The response was quite a bit stronger than the previous trial and the mental aspect was at times psilocin like. I'm typing this at the 12th hour and I'm completely cleaned out, aside from a mild headache caused by dehydration and anorexia which is interesting considering I had no issue managing sustenance with 30mg. This was a big step in terms of audio effects too. Time distortion was also rather extreme and I didn't even make it outside, in my defense Winter is in its second wind here. --It's now the morning after and I have no residue in the ears at all, magnifique.

Take 45mg of DiPT orally in a capsule and go for a long shower, as is my ritual for the onset of psychedelics.

Shower is over and I'm cleaned up but still no audio or passable mental effects to be noted (+/-). I am hungry so I eat a bowl of vanilla yogurt, granola and grapes.

Everything is bending now, I can feel the drop in the tones in everything around me and a moderate tryptamine buzz rolls over me. A pinch of tachycardia sets in. I lay back and chill with my eyes closed listening to music on my sound system in lowlight and I notice CEV's crawling in a bit, akin to what I get when I close my tired eyes after a long night of cannabis. Small wisps of purple, blue and red colour collect together in strands and form a simple would-be wooden chair, the outline of of Adolf Hitler is drawn out by the wisps and it zooms in on his face; it's entertaining but I open my eyes because it's a rather hollow-barebones vision, if I'd even call it that. There's no OEV worth mentioning. Go back to manipulating the music and talking to friends on IM and IRC.

Effects ramp up quickly and I notice the sensation in the inner ear, I pay little attention to it and it pays little attention to me. Audio effects are far more bizarre than 30mg, music is still very interesting and dynamic so listening pleasure is not reduced but enhanced mostly because of the way audio actually affects you on this chemical. Sounds have impact, you pick up everything and you pick it up a lot differently than you do sober or on other chemicals; it's really a very different thing that I have never found with anything else. Musically, harmony still seemed to retain itself in some bizarre way amongst the drastic shifts in sound that took place but there was definitely some objective destruction of actual tonal relationships. There was BIG re-timbre-ing of sounds, including my own voice which had some dusty-vibrato attached to it that I cannot describe adequately, my brother sounded like the local bridge troll and his voice seemed to boom. The shift to the DiPT zone is pretty much complete and I've settled in (or out?) nicely. (++)

I've been enjoying myself, and having some wild conversations with friends that's putting me in a good space. This stuff pumps out awesome euphoria and a very concise stream of thought. (in contrast to psilocin in my experience) I am more or less at the peak so I decide it's an apt time to introduce DMT as I've been compelled to ever since I first tried DiPT. I put on a selection of Mount Kimbie tracks and load 22mg of DMT into my rig that's dedicated to the chemical. I vape the DMT and hold it in until it kicks in, on exhale and a breath in the room shifts into new zones of DMT that were certainly distinct from it standalone. The music becomes even more bizarrely shifted and 'confident' in itself (can't explain) and the bass from my subwoofer translates itself into a enveloping vibration/sensation that almost felt like a 'bass-entity'. The ceiling spins like clockwork to the music, the paint trip tiling on my roof becomes a fractal mosaic of tree-like appendages that twirl and coil into and out of themselves. My room becomes awash in purples, blues and reds as I'm sucked into CEV. This was not a breakthrough, nor was I attempting for one. However, the CEV response was so strong that it may as well have been. The CEV was perceived within the entirety of my human anatomy, the human silhouette. I can only really explain this as if you had a photosensitive membrane lining the inside of a hollow 3D model of me. Here is what followed.

I closed my eyes and all I could see was my bottom row of teeth, the left rear molar vibrant red and the right rear molar violet with the remaining spectrum comprised in the teeth that lie in between. As the DMT hit completely a pulse was sent from left to right that rang each tooth in a descending note like a smooth drag across a large metallophone. There was no release after each tooth was 'struck' so a chord-like effect was created, a really beautiful sound. After all the notes rang my body was filled with the forms of two opposing entities. One was female, blue on the left and the other male, red on the right. With massive energy they swirled and chased each other within me until they balanced each other's size and position in such a way that their faces touched at the lips, a kiss. When they kissed their blue and red alignments met and a purple beam, or river shot out with a sound of some sort of alien-spectral acceleration. I felt an immense upward sensation that seemed to yank all of my being upwards to the direction of the river.

I followed the purple beam inside me and it began to create the outline of a man. The man was the Hermetic idol, Hermes Trismegistus. I heard a sort of throat singing in the background that was not part of the music I had been listening to, although the being didn't seem to produce the song it was coming from him, certainly. He held an ankh in his left hand an old book in his right. I felt a supreme connection of thought and being with the form, and my vision zoomed in on the vibrant purple outline of his face. His expression was a frown and a smile at the same time, he was the portrayal of the ultimate duality of man and held the visage of pure hypostatic union just like the Pantocrator of Jesus that is found in St. Catherine's Monastery. The proverbial hermaphrodism of man personified in this epic chimera of a being, it was so pure and resolute. (++++). We held gazes and there was a mass relay of message and understanding that I simply cannot detail here. After this, I was in awe and incredibly humbled by his form and and energy along with the opportunity to be a conduit for such an experience. My awareness, my perception passed perfectly through his face so my 'eyes' passed directly through his, and then they opened. Residual DMT visuals whisping the room, the soon subside. This was the most resounding psychedelic experience I've ever had, it will stay with me forever in perfect memory.

It's worth noting that I have been having issues with my lower jaw being out of alignment, post the DMT experience it seems as if this has been cured or at least suspended even as I'm typing here the morning after. I won't speculate anything, but I know my own body. A change occurred.

Time is heavily distorted after the DMT comes out, there actually appears to be a few hiccups in time where the music and my own thoughts would slow to a halt for a millisecond, speed up slightly to make up for it and then return to normal DiPT sound-work. Despite this my timeline is sound in hindsight because I have the logs of conversation I had online with friends. I feel quite stimulated afterwards as well. I am still absorbing what has happened, it was so much to take in. DMT is always a lot to take in, but with DiPT it was an entirely new ballpark; the two interacted on an unbelievable scale of sound and vision. I put on some soothing instrumentals and kick back, basking in the immense sound and sensations therein. (+++)

A few hours pass and I begin to level out a bit, mental effects and euphoria die down to low levels and I take a couple pulls of cannabis from my Rooster Apparatus to bring in some different sound. Cannabis adds a new spectrum of distortion and timbres to DiPT, it's just a little more wild and unorganized, a much wider phaser. After Cannabis, like my previous experiment; I notice a shift in gustatory and olfactory sensation.
I notice a shift in gustatory and olfactory sensation.
My saliva is metallic and sweet at the same time, cannabis smoke tastes and smells sugary with a metallic tinge so that's probably what flavoured my saliva. It's not unpleasant, just bizarre. For some reason I don't explore food even though I should have as I was quite hungry, I also do not hydrate appropriately during these few hours. Like aforementioned I also didn't make it outside like I had wanted. -Too distracted by effects, I paid for the lack of sustenance it with a headache. I did, after succumbing to the head-pain eat and drink appropriately. (++)

A couple of friends are getting together and I decide I'm at a good level and I'd like to go out with them, I call up J and his voice is dropped with a fluttering timbre I chalk up to the phone. J and T come pick me up and we go to T's house and hang out with his girlfriend and D. For a short while everyone's voices are still a little ogre-ish but it begins to drop out very quickly. Within the next hour I am completely cleaned out of DiPT's effects, I am exhausted by the day but feel amazing about the experience. No residue in the ears unlike my 30mg trial, worth noting. (+)

J and I trek back to his house and smoke some cannabis and eat some pizza. I feel only the cannabis as DiPT has not left a trace of itself by this hour. A few hours after I fall asleep. I sleep well, but it's dreamless. I normally dream very vividly but after an intense psychedelic experience my dreams are usually blocked from me, probably for ease of mind and resting purposes.

I woke up about an hour ago, it' currently 8:30AM (T+20:30) and I've no residual effects whatsoever, ears are totally normal. A fantastic experiment and experience. Will be repeating at the same levels.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102952
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Mar 29, 2019Views: 3,050
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DiPT (110), DMT (18) : Glowing Experiences (4), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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