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A Nice Combination
Kratom & Kava
Citation:   Anonymous. "A Nice Combination: An Experience with Kratom & Kava (exp111007)". Apr 23, 2018.

T+ 0:00
5 g oral Kratom (capsule)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 1:30   oral Kava (extract)
Substances: Kratom Bali, fine powder ordered from an established vendor, Kava Kava also in a fine powder form, same vendor.

Setting: at home, with two close friends. No other substances involved, either during or two weeks before the experience. Previous experience involves weed (numerous times), a few times MDMA, one time speed, overall a rather inexperienced pack of friends. Mindset before the session quite normal I would say, was not expecting much having tried the likes of MDMA. No anxiety, no special personal problems or anything. Just a normal day.

Preparation: for the Kratom, we have decided to pack it in gelatine capsules, 500mg per capsule. For Kava, we have followed the water-milk based preparation. About 20g of the powder was suspended in luke-warm water (around 500ml) with a splash of full-fat milk, I'd say about 100ml. The mixture was blended for a few minutes, let sit for about 10 minutes and strained through a clean piece of cloth. The straining takes a while. We only extracted it once, we did not want to overdo anything as this was the first time doing it. Ended up with approx. 300ml of coffee-with-milk looking liquid.

T 0:00 - ingested 10 capsules of Kratom, for a total of 5g, on an empty stomach (last meal around 5 hours before intake). Started listening to chilly music, talking and generally carrying on as on any other meeting.

T 0:30 - started feeling a nice, warm feeling radiating from the inside. Also some pleasant shivers, a TINY bit like a beginning of an MDMA trip. Slight euphoria and agitation, but nothing overpowering. A bit more cheerful than usual.

T 0:45 - stood up to have a smoke, noticed that I feel 'drunk', at least physically. Balance a bit of, light-headed, legs a bit heavier.

T 1:00 - I think the effects have peaked at this point, the slightly euphoric feeling has passed
T 1:00 - I think the effects have peaked at this point, the slightly euphoric feeling has passed
, I now feel completely relaxed, warm and cosy. Don't really feel like doing anything, not even thinking. Just sitting there and enjoying the music. Speech got a bit 'lazy', as in quiet and slow. I feel really good, absolutely no nausea or any side effects for that matter.

T 1:30 - we get used to the effects, they become much less noticeable at this point. So we decide to try Kava, which we have prepared prior to the experience. This time we drink it, and the taste is... Well not the best. Luckily I tend to enjoy bitter things, like Campari, so for me at least it's not that bad. I down almost the whole prep by myself, as my friend were so relaxed that they did not feel like doing anything more. I can definitely feel the numbing effect in my mouth- it's mild but it's there. Mind that we only extracted once, I feel like there was a lot left behind, since the 'muddy' stuff we took out has a much more potent numbing effect.

T 1:45 - Whoa... This definitely feels different. A much stronger euphoria, quite stimulating effect. I feel very 'nice', for a lack of a better word. Since I do not have much experience, I find it hard to compare and explain... Just a general feeling of well being, happiness and joy. Nothing mind-boggling or heavy, but it is not placebo. I can really feel the effects.

T 3:00 - I feel like I am back at the baseline, but this is just an illusion. I go home, feeling quite normal. I lay in bed, and then I start feeling the effects again. I get into a dreamy, half-lucid state, which feels very enjoyable. I notice very slight CEV's, like violet patterns and expanding circles. It is very mild, but noticeable. I open my eyes and can see a certain 'hologram' effect to the LEDs in my room (TV, phone charger etc). I can only see it for a minute or two, then it disappears. Probably caused by the half-lucid state I was in. I then go to sleep after about 45 minutes, having contemplated the whole experience. I wake up completely relaxed, with maybe a tiny 'afterglow' effect. Able to continue my day without any problems.

SUMMARY: All in all, a very mild, pleasant experience. Absolutely no side effects, all the other participants feel more or less the same. I will go for it again in some time, I am sure of it. Having taken the mentioned doses without any sides, I will try to notch it up a bit the next time, since I feel there is much more to it- I will also try to hone my extraction methods. This is NOT a party substance (either Kratom/ Kava alone or in combo). Next time I will probably use it by myself, laying in bed and listening to music. To me the company was more of a distraction, as I really did not feel like doing anything, even talking. Overall thumbs up, I was not expecting much from a legal herb, and ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111007
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Apr 23, 2018Views: 2,481
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Kratom (203), Kava (30) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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