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Any reports with MDMA, Searching for 'seizure'
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Highly Recommended Not What I Had Planned... Mr. Bad Example MDMA & 5-HTP 2006 Apr 05
Recommended Even More Sensitive to Several Things Summerflowers MDMA 2018 Sep 03
Recommended A Trip to the ICU anonymous MDMA 2017 Aug 28
Recommended Scudded by Hallucinogenic Lights Chloe MDMA & Alcohol 2016 Sep 30
Recommended A Bit Much Static MDMA 2012 Nov 22
Recommended X'ed Out Larry Smith MDMA (Ecstasy) 2007 Mar 05
Recommended For Those With Seizure Disorders Pro- E MDMA (Ecstasy) 2006 Dec 31
Recommended Synaesthesia & Ecstacy Butterfly Bomb MDMA 2002 Aug 06
Different Dosages Different Effects electromagnate MDMA (Ecstasy) 2022 Nov 22
(Forced and Unpleasant) Time Travel Q 2C-B, MDMA & Cocaine 2021 Apr 18
Seizures During and Afterward anonymous MDMA (Ecstasy) 2011 Jul 13
Sedate and Contented ClapOnCannabis Quetiapine (Seroquel) & Various 2010 Aug 29
Back from the Brink of Eternity Aspie Chic '84 MDMA (Ecstasy) 2010 Jul 28
Reversed Ending Tijn MDMA (Ecstasy) & MDMA with mCPP (Ecstasy) 2010 Jul 26
Lost & Disappearing Fup Duk MDMA & Cannabis 2005 Oct 13
Happy Fuckin New Year bomb 2C-T-7, Cocaine & MDMA 2002 Jan 04
Like a Happy Smiley Speed speedbump MDMA, Escitalopram & Divalproex 2021 May 29
Not The Most Ideal First Time alwaysgoingbackwards LSD & MDMA 2018 May 23
I Have Always Suffered From Vaginismus... kunoichi MDMA 2018 Mar 08
Strong Music - Strong Desire to Go Again MarzBarz MDMA 2017 Nov 30
I Fell in Love With Everything and Everyone molly MDMA 2017 Mar 27
That's Why We're Here Pro- E MDMA (Ecstasy) 2010 Oct 15
'Trip' to the Hospital KrazyKitty MDMA & Alcohol 2010 Oct 14
From Happy & Dancing to Spasms & Panic eLeKtRoNiCa MDMA (Ecstasy) & Sleep Deprivation 2009 Oct 08
The Reason I'm Through Aphrodite MDMA (Ecstasy) 2008 Sep 08
Pushed to the Limit Kitten Ecstasy & Cocaine 2008 Mar 19
It Took Five People to Hold Me Down Matt Grimes LSD & MDMA (Ecstasy) & Lithium 2007 Jun 19
Don't Mix Dk_trippy MDMA (Ecstasy) & Amphetamines 2007 Feb 13
Before Mixing, Be Informed over user Bupropion (Wellbutrin), Alcohol, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Cannabis & Adderall 2003 Dec 15
Seizures DLundstrom Ecstasy 2003 Jul 25
Violent Spasms G Spin GHB & Ecstasy 2001 Jul 30
My First Time...Again and Again and Again Anonymous Ecstasy 2000 Jun 22
Out of Control Jennifer Blue Ecstasy 2000 Jun 22
I Fucked Up My Dosages Dannibuds LSD & MDMA 2018 Jun 06
Seized and Went Unconscious guccigucci MDMA (Ecstasy) 2016 Oct 19
Beautiful Until I Had A Seizure Nick Citalopram, Alcohol, MDMA, LSD & 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jul 29
Epilepsy and Ecstasy: A User Report Respondent 34 MDMA (Ecstasy) 2012 Jul 20
Seizure on Combination Thomas P. LSD & MDMA (Molly) 2011 Jul 31
Seizure from Being Careless Jdubb Alcohol, Alprazolam & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2011 Mar 07
Seizure marijuana mecca MDMA (Ecstasy) & St. John's Wort 2009 Sep 21
Hours of Convulsions Egor Amphetamine (Adderall), MDMA & Albuterol 2003 Feb 21
Strange Combo Witnessed My Own Death versaceraptor LSD, MDMA, Oxycodone & Cannabis 2021 Sep 08
Agony, Not Ecstacy Alex MDMA 2019 Jan 27
Took Too Much Anonymous MDMA 2018 Jun 09
What This Shit Really Can Do dopey MDMA (Ecstasy) & LSD 2004 Dec 07
Warning: May Cause Seizures Bean Head 4 life Ecstasy 2001 Aug 20
Sunday Do's and Dont's DJ-Lithium Ecstasy 2000 Nov 13
The Highest Heights and Lowest Depths Scarlett Jane Ecstasy 2000 May 30

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