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Reports from Apr 21 2006 - Apr 21 2006
(23 Total)

Highly Recommended A Whole Different Book Anonymous LSD 2006 Apr 21
Recommended Learning Lots from Leary Youshouldknowbetter LSD 2006 Apr 21
Virgin Veins Have Left the Building I.B. Surprised Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Love at First Syringe Sleazy Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Such a Perfect Day Sydd Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Learning Lucid Dreaming Essentials Dream Traveler Salvia divinorum 2006 Apr 21
So Peaceful PartTimer Salvia splendens 2006 Apr 21
Curses, Foiled Again Croc Hunterdm AMT & Melatonin 2006 Apr 21
A Relaxing Day on the Lazy River Jay Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) 2006 Apr 21
Restin My Bones Tchort Methylphenidate & Amphetamines 2006 Apr 21
More Lucid than Awake Pickles Dreams 2006 Apr 21
A Nice Relaxing Buzz Istari Damiana 2006 Apr 21
The Witch Existentialblu Melatonin 2006 Apr 21
Good Enough Drew Down Methamphetamine & Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Who Needs a Tv? Stunna Eszopiclone (Lunesta) 2006 Apr 21
First Time Shooting Stars Twigburst Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Escape from Depression Reborn Alcohol - Hard 2006 Apr 21
Mild Sedative Nothing Special Pop the Shizz Damiana, Valerian & Lactuca - L. virosa 2006 Apr 21
Thought I Would Try Mur Damiana 2006 Apr 21
Negative Introduction Ynot DMT 2006 Apr 21
Traveling Without Movement Crayfish Cannabis 2006 Apr 21
Forsaken Advice Subtlemind Mushrooms 2006 Apr 21
What happened? Abigail Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) 2006 Apr 21

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