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So Peaceful
Salvia splendens
by PartTimer
Citation:   PartTimer. "So Peaceful: An Experience with Salvia splendens (ID 26748)". Apr 21, 2006.

  smoked Salvia splendens (dried)


Let me first qualify myself. I have been a drug user for over 15 years now and have tried almost everything, from DMT to LSD to heroin, to mj. Recently I tried Salvia D. for the first time. I did the 5x stuff. Ok a little intence even a low doses but no too bad, butI perfer the body high over the mental 'fuzz'.

I have been doing some research with Salvia Splendens Vars. Not Divinoram. Let say without any doubt that this IS A PSYCH0ACTIVE PLANT. Although I have not tried all varieties of Splendens so far almost all have gotten me 'there'.

I have about 6 varieties of this wonderful plant growing in my yard. I have dwarf, full size, purple, red, white and pink. So far all have definate psychoactive properties. ALL are SPLENDENS.

I usually feel the effects after 1 bowl. A wonderful high does not do this plant justice. It is an opiate-like wonderous body high. Very floaty, with just a touch of MJ like feeling. Almost like I smoked a small bowl of opium. For these reasons I belive that it has serious potental for abuse, and possibly addiction.

After 3 bowls the effects are somewhat similar to a very weak dose of Divinoram with that excellent body high, that keeps growing with each bowl. The effects last longer than Divinoram up to 2 hours depending on how much used and how long I have smoked for.

I have gone to work on this substance w/o any ill effects. There is no comedown and no hangover.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26748
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 21, 2006Views: 8,481
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