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Forsaken Advice
by Subtlemind
Citation:   Subtlemind. "Forsaken Advice: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp27195)". Erowid.org. Apr 21, 2006. erowid.org/exp/27195

3 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis
  2.0 g oral Mushrooms


One boring summer night, my friend B calls me up and tells me that he's bored and wants to do shrooms. Normally I would of obliged right away, but being tired from work and having a slight cold, I tell him that it would be better to wait a couple days. I told him this because I know that mind set and mood influence trips of any kind under any substance.

Eventually I gave in and told him that I'll pickup 2 grams each for us. We both consumed the brownie mushrooms (mmmm) around 8 pm. It should be noted that my friend weighs 180 lbs, and I weigh 130, and this was the first time he has done 2 grams before. I had done 2 grams once before and enjoyed the experience, which actually changed my life for the better.

Around 8:30 we decided that we should smoke some cannabis to jump start the trip, even though we both admitted that we felt it coming on. So I took out my cell and called my friend D up, he happily agreed to come pick us up to have a session. We smoked a couple doobs and listened to A Tribe Called Quest, (which has awesome beats and is just generally trippy whether on shrooms or not).

I noticed my friend B, who was sitting in the back of the car wasen't saying anything at all, I asked him if he was ok and he quickly commented that he's starting to trip hard. Hearing this, I roll up another joint and we smoked it. The ride back to my house was very relaxing, and I felt my mind wander off thinking about anything and everything. I was having a great time, and I was pretty sure B was too.

Once D dropped B and me off back at my place, we continued to walk around our town. B wanted to go inside my house, but I told him that being on mushrooms outside is far better than being inside. He agreed and we walked for a good 30 minutes. B then turns to me and says his stomach hurts. I told him that mushrooms are a poison and stomach discomfort is normal.

Around +2 hours into the trip, as we're walking back to my house, B turns to me again and tells me that his stomach is starting to hurt really bad. I ask him if he's going to throw up and he doesnt say anything. Me being on shrooms, having a fairly good time, and my friend looking pretty bad, I start to get a little paranoid. Around 10:15 we are on my street about 3 minutes away from my house. Neither B or me is talking. B then turns to me and in a scared voice says; 'Man, just talk.. say something, anything..' I guess the silence and increased awareness was really starting to scare him. I tell him we're almost home.

As we're walking up to my house, I can tell he's going to purge, I tell him to quickly get to the downstairs bathroom so my parents dont see him. He runs into my bathroom, closes the door and immediatley throws up.

Long story short, B is in my bathroom for another hour and a half. I end up having to lend him pants because he threw up on his. I drove him home around 1 am, although the plan was for him to stay over at my place, I thought he would like being home instead.

I smoked a joint with him the next day to reflect on last nights excursion, and he tells me that he was hung over from the night before and didnt eat anything that day.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27195
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 21, 2006Views: 1,372
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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