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Recommended The Stevie Wonder Incident and Impressionism John LSD & MDMA 2017 Jun 06
Recommended A Good Night, A Horrible Morn John_iv Opium 2012 Jan 26
Recommended Atypical Psychedelic John Dimenhydrinate 2008 Apr 27
Recommended The Terror John Brugsmansia sanguinea 2001 Jul 10
Intriguing Inaugural Experience John LSD 2023 Apr 08
I Feel That I've Learned Quite a Bit John Morning Glory 2020 Aug 13
John John JWH-018 2020 Jun 16
Hospitalization on DXM John DXM 2015 Dec 24
Different from What I Expected John Ampehtamines (Adderall) & Cannabis 2011 Feb 28
Uncontrollably Long High John Lamotrigine & Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids 2010 Nov 09
Spacey with Crazy Eyes John Piperazines & Cannabis 2009 Aug 08
Spiritual Psychedelic First Time Experience John Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Dec 03
Saying Goodbye to Reality John Nitrous Oxide 2007 Nov 16
Overwhelming John H. B. Woodrose, Meclinzine, Caffeine & Ephedrine 2007 Sep 23
Amazing Adventure at the Hot Springs John LSD 2007 Feb 26
Army Volunteer Account, Edgewood Arsenal John BZ 2007 Feb 19
Like Ecstasy, Only More... Ecstatic John AMT 2004 Jan 22
Peaceful Bonding John MDMA 2022 May 18
The End of Reality John Salvia divinorum (20x extract) 2021 Sep 21
I Don't Know if This Was PCP or Not John Cannabis 2017 Nov 16
I Saved a Piece of Pasta and Named It Freddy John BK-2C-B 2015 Jan 06
Mildly Pleasant on Pure Meperidine john_iv Meperidine 2013 Nov 27
Common Speedhead Meets the Other Stimulant John Cocaine & Methylphenidate 2007 Dec 15
I Didn't Miss It At All John Cocaine 2007 Aug 08
Succesful New Method john Hydrocodone 2004 Oct 01
Persisting Confusion and Other Effects John Cannabis 2002 Sep 27
I Didn't Know Why It Happened John Inhalants: Cleaning Solvent 2001 Jan 15
Chest Pains; Don't Take Five John Unknown (sold as Ecstasy) 2000 Sep 10
Separate Identities John Salvia divinorum 2020 Sep 23
Psychosis and Worst Case Scenario John Mushrooms 2016 Nov 23
Perfect Stimulant John alpha-PHP 2015 May 12
Splendid John 2C-I 2008 Nov 04
Blue Curaco John Alcohol 2007 Mar 08
Cerebral Journey John Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens 2004 Jun 14
Post Trip Recurrence with OCD Diagnosis John Mushrooms 2004 Apr 23
For Finals John Amphetamines (Dexedrine) & Methylphenidate 2004 Mar 05
My Time's Up, It Didn't Have To Be This Way John Methylphenidate & Amphetamines (Adderall) 2004 Jan 02
A Strange Family Reunion of Sorts... john Salvia divinorum 2003 Dec 23
Feeling of Relief, Instant Gratification john Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
Whatever Music I Put on Sounded Good John Ketamine & Cannabis 2019 Jan 28
What's a Title john MDMA 2018 Apr 20
We Were Completley Smashed John Codeine & Cannabis 2018 Mar 18
Hospital Dunce John Risperidone (Consta) 2011 Feb 17
Soothing and Relaxing John Damiana 2007 Mar 16
Strange john Alcohol & Morphine 2004 Jun 07
Locked in the Bathroom John Datura 2002 May 22
I Had Gone Crazy John Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2001 Oct 16
Worst Combination Ever John Heroin, Crack Cocaine & LSD 2000 Sep 15

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