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Recommended Dissect My Brain Dave Spice-Like Smoking Blends (K2) 2023 Oct 26
Recommended Argument Against an Opiate Dave Kratom 2013 Dec 25
Recommended Exhilaration Dave Salvia divinorum (10x extract) 2008 May 12
Recommended A Midwinter's Dream Dave Mushrooms 2006 Aug 09
Recommended A Chance to See Uncle Albert Himself Dave 2006 LSD Symposium, Basel 2006 May 05
Recommended Complete Control Dave Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (with Lisinopril, Risperdal & Lamotrigine) 2005 Mar 29
Tripping Alone on 1.5 Grams From Hell Dave Mushrooms & Cannabis 2020 Sep 23
The More I Felt Poisoned by It Dave Methoxetamine 2016 Nov 21
Washed Away in a Rapid of Plastic...and More Dave Salvia divinorum ('30X extract') 2015 Nov 21
Glorious Beach Weekend Dave LSD, Cannabis & Alcohol 2008 Oct 10
Fireworks, Too Amazing to Imagine Dave MDMA (Ecstasy) 2008 Feb 18
One Great Day Dave Gabapentin, Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Apr 09
My Love Hate Relationship Dave Amphetamines 2006 Oct 18
Into My Days Dave Yerba Mate 2006 Jun 20
Multiple Reflections Dave 2C-B & Various 2004 Feb 02
It Saved My Life... Dave LSD & Alcohol 2021 Oct 18
Put Me Off Any Recreational Use of Any Drug Dave Tramadol 2020 Jun 11
Nootropics Dave 5-HTP, Sertraline, GABA, Tyrosine & Phenylalanine 2013 Dec 03
Before and After Prozac DAVE Cannabis (oral) & Fluoxetine 2011 Sep 12
It's Pretty Ridiculous Dave 4-Methylmethcathinone 2010 Apr 30
A Long Strange Trip It's Been... Dave DMT & LSD 2005 Aug 13
Three Days and Three Nights Dave Ecstasy 2005 Jul 12
An Unexpected Dissociative Night Dave Cannabis ('with PCP') 2005 Apr 01
Heart Still Racing 2 Weeks Later?! Dave Cannabis 2003 Dec 15
Incredible Stuff Dave H. B. Woodrose 2002 Sep 25
Not Worth the Hangover Dave Diphenhydramine 2001 Dec 17
Shake and Twitch Dave Caffeine 2000 Sep 10
Changed Forever Dave LSD 2000 Aug 04
Careful With Ecstasy Dave MDA? (Sold as Ecstasy) 2000 Jun 23
Toxic, Avoid Dave 3-Methylmethcathinone 2020 Apr 28
The Gods Are Alive Dave LSD 2019 Nov 20
Skulls Bass and a World of Light dave LSD & MDMA 2019 Oct 31
Curious Body Effects Dave Anadenanthera peregrina & Cannabis 2016 Dec 10
In a Vaporizer Dave Diphenhydramine 2009 Aug 07
Do Not Take with Alcohol DAVE Melatonin & Alcohol 2009 Jul 03
Ecstasy Crash Experience Dave Ecstasy 2001 Feb 15
This Terrified the Hell Out of Me Dave LSD 2018 Jul 14
I Was Fucked Up to Shit Dave Crack & Cannabis 2018 Apr 16
Reverse Effects dave Calea zacatechichi 2003 Oct 16
The Feeling of Death dave PMA 2003 Apr 17
Ceiling Fan Light Shows Dave LSD 2002 Feb 27
Terrible After-Effects Dave Ecstasy 2001 Jul 16

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